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CRN Wessex video transcript- The PANORAMIC trial: Will's story



I have ulcerative colitis, and I've been on immunosuppressants for five years now. Because I'm on the clinically vulnerable list, everybody back in, I think it was December, was sent a pre-emptive PCR test just to keep at home.

And when I managed to catch it courtesy of child, my GP was very quick to get in touch, and just said: "Now we've got this trial going forward. Are you interested in getting involved?"

And other than that it was a daily online diary to do, it was easy to do. And it took a couple of minutes just to fill in the questionnaire every day. And that was it done.

And in the end, I probably had the lightest touch of anybody in the house. And all four of us got it. If you've been told that you're in trouble if you get it, and we can see that cases are rising and the hospital admissions are rising, so you stand a good chance of ending up being one of them. Do it.


My name is Professor Paul little. I'm at the University of Southampton. And I'm Co-Chief Investigator of the PANORAMIC trial. The PANORAMIC trial fills a really important gap in our fight against COVID.

What we have at the moment is vaccination which is fantastic. And for people who are sick and get into hospital, there are some important treatments there too. But what we don't have are treatments that you can use early in the course of the illness, to help people both recover more quickly, but also help hopefully stop them getting into hospital.

And that's where these new antivirals come in. So the main route for people getting into trial, the moment is through the Oxford University website, which is And all the eligibility checks are there, and you can join the study straight from that website.

You may also be in a practice where we've got several GP hubs which are recruiting patients.

It's a huge privilege to be involved in this trial. I have never been involved in a trial where there's been such a magnificent effort from everybody to make it work. This is a fantastic trial. Please join in and help us. 


Will's story is available to view on the NIHR's YouTube channel