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CRN North Thames funding model 2021/22



The NIHR is directly funded by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

CRN North Thames, which is part of the NIHR, received just over £30m in 2021/22 as part of this funding.

Last year (2020/21), the CRN North Thames Executive Group approved a performance-based funding allocation model proposed by the Funding Allocation Working Group. The model was based on 80% historic funding allocations and 20% performance measures. The performance measures were 15% Value For Money (VFM) and 5% Recruitment Time to Target (RTT). Due to the pressures caused by COVID-19 on our NHS trusts, the CRN North Thames leadership team felt it was appropriate to keep these principles of the funding allocation model for 2021/22.

2021/22 approach

The national ranking for VFM shows that CRN North Thames, by comparison with other Local Clinical Research Networks, has been consistently in the bottom quarter. It was important for the leadership team to address this and, after consultation with the CRN Coordinating Centre and having secured the agreement of the CRN North Thames Executive Group, the proportion of the VFM performance measure was increased from 15% to 40%. This enabled the network to achieve the following:

  • recognise and reward those trusts that have a lower cost per weighted recruit i.e. more efficient use of CRN funding;
  • promote the importance of VFM performance element.

To provide stability for our Partner Organisations, it was agreed that no changes would be made to the Collar (max decrease) and the Cap (max increase), which would stay at -10% and +20% respectively.

2021/22 Budget

This year's allocation from the DHSC has increased by £1.7m to £30.2m (+6.1%), by comparison to 2020/21. As this increase was announced too late for the network to incorporate the additional funding into the funding allocation model, this was reported as contingency and will be allocated in Quarter 1, with a small contingency held back for new business cases in Quarter 2.

20/21 Budget (Excluding non recurring funding) (£s) 29,450,612
Increase from DHSC 1,745,085
21/22 Budget 30,195,697 (6.1% increase)


CRN NT Funding allocation 2021/22£'s
Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust 832,198
Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust  223,333
Barts Health NHS Trust (Delivery)  5,744,345
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust  556,422
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (North Thames)  698,979
East London NHS Foundation Trust 320,544Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust  425,915
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust  1,575,016
Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust  64,986
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  584,981
Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust 2,487,731
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  688,171
North East London NHS Foundation Trust  665,751
North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust  369,904
The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust  392,631
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust  2,422,658
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust 208,751 208,751
Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust 59,028
University College London 32,000
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 5,427,666
West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust  459,845
Whittington Health NHS Trust  392,482
Trust Total  24,633,337
Primary Care - London  779,120
Primary Care - LEH  160,430
Primary Care Total  939,550
Barts Health NHS Trust (Host)  2,889,909
Contingency  1,732,901
Total  30,195,697