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CRN North East and North Cumbria PRES user guide



This guide refers to PRESApp version 3. PRESApp has been updated to both enhance the functionality and to restructure the data to allow the application to scale better. 

PRESApp can be accessed at or alternatively, if your organisation is blocking that site, try this alternative link to PRESApp.

All queries regarding PRESApp should be directed to

PRESApp landing page

The PRESApp landing page is available to all visitors, i.e. researchers and participants.

  • Participants: Select ‘I have a survey code’ and enter their 8 character code. NOTE: participants who receive a survey link via email will access their survey form directly and will not see the Landing Page
  • Researchers: Either select ‘Researcher: Sign in’ if they have an account or ‘Researcher: Sign up’ to get an account. On completing the registration details, an account will automatically be created for a researcher if their email address is on the approved list (i.e., + local Trust domain s). For those accounts not approved automatically, the CRN NENC team is automatically notified of the registration and, once validated, will manually approve the account creation.

Researcher home page

Upon successfully logging in, researchers will see their home page with the 'Create a participant survey' section (image below).

Ways to invite

Select ‘Ways to invite’ to see a list\description of the many ways to invite participants to complete a survey or scroll to the final section of this document.

Create a survey

Please select a 'Study', 'Site' and 'Survey Form' to see the options listed below.

Select Study

Select a study from the study list. The study list shows studies that you’ve chosen previously. If a study isn’t listed, click the 'Add Study' button to find a study. Locate and select a study either by browsing the list or by typing any part of the CPMS ID, study name or specialty (e.g. typing ‘covid’ will show all studies with ‘covid’ in the title). Select ‘Add Study’ to add it to the Study list. Once you have selected a survey option, the selected study will be saved to your user account profile so it’s available in future without having to find it.

Select Site

Select a site from the site list. The site list shows sites that you’ve chosen previously. If a site isn’t listed, select the 'Add Site' button to find a site. Locate and select a site either by browsing the list or by typing any part of the site name. Ensure you choose the correct Parent Organisation shown in brackets. Once you have selected a survey option, the selected site will be saved to your user account profile so it’s available in future without having to find it.

Note: The list shows all NENC sites that are participating in studies. You can either select a specific site or the Trust\CCG (Parent Organisation). Either way, the PRES response will still be attributed to the parent Trust\CCG but attributing the response to a specific site will also attribute the response at a site level.


Select Survey Form

Select a survey form from the list of active surveys.
Note: Use the test survey (‘~Test Survey~’) if you’re just trying things out; don’t use an active survey as any invite\response data will be included in reports. 

Survey Form Options

The option buttons are detailed below and become visible after the Study, Site and Survey Form have been selected.

Load Survey Form

This will load and immediately display the survey form on the current device to allow the participant to complete the survey on site. The participant can select the ‘Privacy Policy’ button to see details of the local and national (NIHR) privacy policy

Should the participant try to exit the survey without submitting it (e.g. using the browser’s ‘Back’ button), a confirmation message asking whether the user would like to cancel their response will be shown. 

On submitting the survey, the participant will be shown a 'thank you' message asking them to inform the researcher that they have submitted their response. 

Selecting ‘Close’ or selecting the browser's ‘Back’ or ‘Reload’ button will display the ‘Confirm PRES Email’ message. The researcher confirms their login email address to return to the home page. This confirmation step is to prevent a participant from accessing the researchers' home page.

Participants who complete their survey off site are shown a slightly different message thanking them for their response and linking them to the Be Part of Research website for further information and opportunities.

Create Survey Code 

Copy the unique code to a card and give it to the participant.


Email Survey Link

A unique survey link can be emailed to the recipient by entering the participant's email address. An automatic reminder will be sent after 5 days if a survey response has not been received. The participant’s email address will be removed from the system immediately upon a survey response being received or immediately following the sending of a reminder - whichever is earlier.

A confirmation message will appear if the email process completes successfully.

Accessibility and language options

When enabled, the app shows the Recite Me accessibility assistive toolbar.

The assistive options include:

  • Screen Reader - to read aloud the website’s text
  • Reading - the reading ruler, screen mask and magnifier can assist users with reading and learning disabilities
  • Styling - to change the way the website looks. Colours, font size and style can be changed to assist neurodivergent users
  • Translation - translates the website’s content into the chosen language for users who don’t have english as their first language

Options guidance

The ‘Guidance’ option on  the ‘Accessibility Options’ menu will open the Recite Me guidance in a new Browser tab. The  button on the accessibility toolbar (when enabled) will also open the guidance.

Enabling and disabling

The accessibility options toolbar should only be enabled when required.

Participants who want to complete the survey form on-site may need to be guided if they want to use any of the accessibility toolbar options to assist them in completing the survey form.

The accessibility options toolbar is disabled by default and can be enabled via the ‘Accessibility Options’ menu.

Once enabled, the toolbar will remember your chosen preferences and make them available next time you access the app.

Select the X close button on the toolbar to hide or disable the toolbar.

Participants who complete the survey form in their own time, i.e. off-site, can enable the accessibility toolbar and access the guidance as above.

Inviting a participant to complete the survey

There are several ways to invite a participant to complete a survey.

On site

The participant completes the survey on site using this device. See option 'Load Survey Form’.

Card with Survey Code

The participant is given a card with a unique survey code on it. The participant uses this code to complete the survey in their own time. See option ‘Create Survey Code’.

Email a link

The participant supplies their email address and the system generates a unique survey link and emails it to the participant. The participant uses the link to access and complete the survey in their own time. See option ‘Email Survey Link’.

Email link to a specific number of participants

The researcher provides the CRN Business Intelligence team with a list of email addresses, a study ID (CPMS or IRAS), a site and a survey name. The list must relate to a specific study, site and survey and contain 10 or more participants. The participant uses their unique link to access and complete the survey in their own time. Researcher to email the list and details to ‘

Email a prefabricated link to an unknown number of participants

The CRN Business Intelligence team will create a link for a specific study ID (CPMS or IRAS), site and a survey name. A template email containing the ‘prefab’ link is then provided to the researcher for them to email to participants. The participant uses their ‘prefab’ link to access and complete the survey in their own time. Researcher to contact ‘’ to discuss.