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CRN Greater Manchester's vision and values


We have re-established our research ambitions for Greater Manchester, East Cheshire and East Lancashire following a wide-reaching consultation. The perspectives of our research communities and system leaders were gathered - which allowed us to take a fresh look at how we work and what we are seeking to achieve in collaboration with our partner organisations and members of the public. As a result, we have created our CRN Greater Manchester research delivery vision and values which underpin everything we do.

Our vision

To change lives through research - enabling the best care for our entire population through world-class collaboration, experiences and performance.

Our values

Relevant Research

Commitment to understanding the health and social care needs of Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and East Cheshire people and how research delivery opportunities add value for local communities.  

As part of this value, we strive to: 

  • increase health and social care research opportunities in areas and populations with the most need
  • work with sponsors and researchers to achieve accessible and decentralised study designs to enable the best local delivery
  • collaborate with the local research system to improve accelerated implementation processes to add rapid value
  • connect with specialty leaders and teams to improve research opportunities for people with multiple conditions
  • explore co-enrolment opportunities for local populations and use peoples gift of time effectively
  • expand the diversity of delivery across partners to include more digital trials, virtual interfaces and studies involving artificial intelligence

Inclusive Involvement

Focus on establishing knowledge of people and communities who are involved in research and understanding the needs of people who are not. 

As part of this value, we strive to: 

  • improve access for communities who are not given the choice to participate in research opportunities
  • identify local underserved communities by collecting key demographic data of people who are involved in research
  • discover new ways to record research involvement and acknowledge that this should include activities and contributions in addition to study recruitment
  • explore ways to increase staff diversity and the understanding of research delivery activities and ways to get involved
  • empower Research Ambassadors and wider public involvement groups to engage with local communities and understand barriers to inclusion
  • collaborate with leaders across the region to improve processes that place studies in venues and sites which enable the best access for communities with the most need

Exceptional Experience

Investment to improve services and experiences that establish brand loyalty across the Clinical Research Network. 

As part of this value, we strive to: 

  • commit to provide the best customer services that encourages repeat research opportunities and encourages new collaborations
  • understand the current customer services experiences for participants, communities, staff, sponsors, funders, organisations and industry
  • utilise customer services solutions to provide personalised services based on previous interactions and future needs
  • consider technology that will improve response times for all customer groups to enable real-time feedback to queries
  • invest in relationships to evolve research delivery models and innovate study design
  • take responsibility of mistakes and resolve issues quickly whilst striving for high quality services