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Case study: Yitka's research story

Yitka tells us about her research journey

How did you get started in research/what inspired you?

My background in the pharmaceutical industry and working in partnership with healthcare professionals was the inspiration for getting involved in research.

What do you enjoy about research?

Working together with healthcare professionals and patients to make a difference to care and learning and understanding what is happening in and out of the NHS is what I enjoy about research.

What training and support have you found most valuable in your career?

My PhD which was in collaboration with the NHS was invaluable and was the inspiration to continue with healthcare research. I have a longstanding research contract with the NHS and remain committed to research which makes a difference to health and wellbeing across the NHS, social care and public health.

What people/organisations did you get in touch with to help you?

I found mentors in my field, joined professional societies and created a network of people who I could learn from and share knowledge and experience with.