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Case study: Taking part in research: Alka’s story

Taking part in research: Alka’s story

Alka Pandey took part in the LOLIPOP 100K study at Wycombe Hospital, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The study is inviting people of South Asian heritage to undergo tests to help researchers understand why conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are more common in this group.

The study can involve completing questionnaires; providing samples and undergoing tests such as blood pressure. Participants receive a report about the results, providing an insight into their personal health.

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Why did you choose to take part in the trial?

I am a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian working in the NHS for the last 11 years. We all have read about the factors that predisposes the South Asian population to chronic long-term conditions like diabetes, hypertension and cardiac health problems. I myself have a family history of type 2 diabetes. The aim is always to push back the onset of this in my case. The study gave me a route of getting my risks checked at my doorstep and provided me with a detailed report thereafter. This helped me feel reassured about my own health. For those that hadn’t thought about it, this could have helped with being a wakeup call for some at least. Hence, I even referred to this and shared it widely with my family and friends’ group to encourage them to take part in it for better health in the future. The main reason was finally there was a study that was focussed solely on this ethnic population group.

What was your experience of taking part in the trial? 

Taking part in the trial was really easy. The research was based at Wycombe Hospital which meant we didn’t have to travel very far to be involved. The communication was very clear about the time needed. The report that came in later was detailed and in an easy language to understand. The fact that it was free meant I could push the study with my friends and family too.

What would you say to other people about taking part in research? 

Please give the study a call to discuss your options and ask any concerns you might have. The study is easy to do and will help us develop some new resources for this ethnic minority group in the future. The study is free and you will get a detailed report in the end which will help you take care of your health.

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