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Case study: 'It’s good for me, and good for people in the future' - Sylvia’s Story

Sylvia's Story

A Dudley grandmother of six, Sylvia Evans, has been taking part in a cardiology drug trial and credits it with helping her to return to swimming regularly. 

After a recent heart attack, Sylvia, aged 66,  who is a retired school cleaner, was asked by her doctors  at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust if she would be  interested in taking part, and was happy to consent. 

The FARADAY 2 Study is a Phase 3, Randomised,  Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicentre Study which  is taking place at New Cross Hospital (among other sites in  the UK and the US). 

Sylvia was randomised which meant she was given either a placebo or the experimental drug called: FDY-5301 which is a solution containing sodium iodide, but she wasn’t told which as it is a ‘blind’ trial. The aim of the trial is to see if the drug can improve muscle strength and function in the heart. 

She said: “Everything was clearly explained and I didn’t feel pressured at all. I’ve been given the VIP treatment.” 

Starting in March 2023, Sylvia attended extra clinics and appointments to have her height and weight measured and blood samples taken ,as well as ECG tests. The team checks for any effects she may be experiencing, and Sylvia was also given a booklet to fill in with any unusual symptoms. She will continue with this for 12 months. 

“I’ve been so well looked after, I would definitely take part in research again, if there was an appropriate trial available. The standard of care has been very high and I have seen a definite improvement in my condition - I’m back to swimming twice a week and feeling a lot better. 

“If people didn’t participate, no improvements could be achieved, so I am pleased to do my bit.”

Find out more about how you can register your interest in taking part in research on the Be Part of Research website.