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Case study: It's a great feeling - Henry's research story

Henry's Research Story

It’s a Great Feeling - Henry’s Research Story 
Henry Kelsall from Hartshill in Stoke on Trent, is just 23 but already has a highly developed sense of civic duty. He signed up to  take part in the Valneva Covid-19 vaccine trial  at Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust because he wanted to help others and the idea of an additional vaccine being made available to everyone appealed to him. 

He was also grateful for the opportunity to have a vaccine earlier than if he had waited for it to be available for his age group, as he received the trial vaccine in May.

‘It's about protecting yourself and those around you,’ he says.  ‘Older family members may be more vulnerable  but at the same time, younger people like myself may go out and about a bit more.  It just feels like I’m doing my bit and of course Covid-19 can still be serious for younger people, especially with the possibility of Long Covid.’

Henry is happy that being vaccinated means he can do the things he loves - including volunteering  at Rudyard Lake Steam Railway.  ‘I literally had a slightly sore arm and was a bit tired for a couple of days - a small price to pay for the protection offered.

‘The whole process from the initial appointment onwards has been very slick - as well as the team at Cheadle Hospital being very friendly and well organised, we have an app to record any symptoms and there is also a helpline for participants.

‘I would definitely recommend others to take part in research - I didn’t know what to expect but it’s a nice feeling knowing you are contributing to the sum of knowledge about the virus and how to combat it.  I would be keen to participate in other studies, especially Covid-related ones.  My only slight concern now is when we trial participants will have our vaccine passports so we can attend large events like everyone else who’s been jabbed.’

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