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Q&A with CRN South London's new Information Officer

We spoke to our new Information Officer, Temitope Adesusi, about working in the business intelligence team, his background in research and his excitement about the journey ahead.

What attracted you to CRN South London?

I am deeply driven by the opportunity to leverage my expertise in artificial intelligence and data analytics within healthcare to contribute meaningfully to patient care and disease prevention.

I was attracted by the NIHR CRN portfolio research studies, which we support in partnership with leading health and care providers in the UK. I am enthusiastic about working together to support the delivery of these studies across south London.

What role will you be doing for CRN South London?

As the Information Officer for CRN South London, my primary responsibility is to ensure timely, effective, and robust information management across the Network. This work involves ensuring high-quality data collection, analysis, and reporting of key information to support the NHS and non-NHS research initiatives.

What is your background in research to date?

My bachelor's and master's degrees have equipped me with the necessary skills and tools for engaging in meaningful research. I recently conducted a study using AI to predict coronary heart disease (CHD).

This research involved analysing historical data, including clinical and non-clinical information, and utilising advanced machine learning models for CHD prediction. The models were fine-tuned for better performance through hyperparameter tuning techniques.

This approach could potentially enhance the speed and accuracy of CHD diagnostics, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on the complexities of human interaction that technology cannot master. This experience highlights my proficiency in using technology and data to address significant challenges in my field.

How are you finding things so far?

Joining the business intelligence team at CRN South London has been an enriching experience. I am actively absorbing new terminologies, familiarising myself with cutting-edge tools, and building connections with friendly individuals within the business intelligence and study support service teams.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has made my integration into CRN South London seamless, and a special thanks to Mauro and Clare (my manager), who have shown unwavering belief in my abilities. Additionally, I appreciate the support from the Research Delivery Managers. I am excited about the journey ahead and what we can achieve together.

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