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Vacancy details

Closing date: 03 September 2021

Improvement and Innovation Advocates (CRN South London)

Background and vision

A key requirement for CRN South London is to develop a culture of Continuous Improvement (CI) within research delivery for the benefit of our patients and the public, as well as our other stakeholders.

One of our key objectives for this financial year is to enable our teams to identify problems, develop innovative improvement ideas and to use effective quality improvement tools and techniques. We plan to engage research staff from different teams as Improvement and Innovation (I and I) Advocates to help us to deliver on our aims. Research service transformation can be achieved through an internal network of advocates who have an interest in innovation and understanding of the issues we face as a Network. Advocates can help to promote innovation in their teams and act as a useful point of contact for facilitating effective communications between frontline staff in research and senior leaders.

Role description

You will be expected to do the following things as an Improvement and Innovation Advocate:

  • Act as the point of contact when someone has an I and I idea
  • Develop a regular space such as a weekly huddle or agenda item on regular team meetings to facilitate the sharing of any I and I ideas
  • Encourage colleagues to feedback on their I and I project ideas within their teams and to register new projects via the CRN portal
  • Help to engage research staff in the ethos of I and I
  • Provide support to colleagues in connection with I and I projects, and to help to troubleshoot any potential barriers to their completion
  • Lead on or participate in at least one I and I project
  • Engage with the I and I advocate community and contribute to regular advocate meetings
  • Feedback to the Network's CI group about ongoing I and I projects in your team
  • Take part in a training workshop and increase people's knowledge of improvement tools
  • Share any successes from I and I projects at team meetings and via other forums

Please note: the Improvement and Innovation Advocate roles are only for people working in research delivery.

Time commitment

The expectation is that the posts will be active for one year. Role holders will be expected to dedicate approximately half a day per month to their Improvement and Innovation Advocate roles. You will be working with our Continuous Improvement Lead, Frances Doyle. Applicants must ensure that they have the permission of their line manager before applying to become an Improvement and Innovation Advocate for CRN South London.

Submitting an expression of interest

Please submit your expression of interest to Frances Doyle, or contact her if you have any questions or comments. The deadline for submitting your expression of interest is by 5pm on Friday 3 September.