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Every minute in the UK, someone is diagnosed with a disease or a condition. The treatment and support they receive will, at some point, have been discovered by research. Research improves the health and social care provided by the NHS and others, advancing medicine to find new cures and better treatments for future generations. It also helps to improve diagnosis, prevention and quality of life for everyone. In some cases it can change lives, or even save lives.

Patient Recruitment Centre (PRC): Newcastle is part of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which is committed to providing the best possible care for patients and the local community. As part of this commitment, the Trust is actively involved in healthcare research. Over the past decade, it has consistently ranked as one of the top NHS Hospital Trusts for the number of research studies they support.

In the NHS, patients are generally recruited to trials though specialist clinics. Nowadays, many patients with common chronic conditions are managed outside of hospitals. This may be through either their GP or self-care. We would like our communities to have the opportunity to learn about and access clinical studies within their own locality. So, while we work across all medical specialties and disease areas, our focus is on common chronic conditions such as headaches, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and common skin conditions.

Our new modern research facility, based on the Campus for Ageing and Vitality in Fenham, Newcastle is easily accessible for patients and parking. Here you will receive a warm welcome from our friendly and professional team. We offer a number of ways to make it easier to take part in a research study, including extended hours, video consultations and virtual trials (where you don’t need to attend in person).

As well as attending the unit, patients can also volunteer to be contacted about studies that are recruiting in Newcastle and the North East region by signing up to the Research+Me Registry. Some research studies need healthy volunteers and others are for people with specific medical conditions, so anyone can register to be involved.

To search for research studies in specific medical conditions, visit the Be Part of Research online service. This service allows patients to search for research studies by inputting a disease, drug name or location. Additionally, it helps members of the public to understand more about the research that is taking place nationally and what it means to take part.

Watch the video 'Participant experiences at the national Patient Recruitment Centres' to hear from participants who have taken in part in research at our five Patient Recruitment Centres in Newcastle, Blackpool, Bradford, Exeter and Leicester.

Frequently Asked Questions

What studies are currently taking place at PRC: Newcastle?

You can find out what studies are currently underway at PRC: Newcastle and learn about upcoming studies by visiting our Participate in a study at PRC: Newcastle web page.

What happens during research?

Each research study is different. If you are invited to take part in a study you will be given a written information sheet which will include details of what to expect during the study, including any potential risks, side-effects or potential benefits. You will also be given a verbal explanation of the study and an opportunity to ask questions so that you can be sure that you understand what is involved before you agree to take part. If you decide to take part in a research study you will be asked to sign a consent form. If at any stage during the research you change your mind about being involved you are free to withdraw. You may find this Be Part of Research video helpful.

Will there be any benefits for me?

There may not always be any direct benefits to taking part in research. However, many people who take part in research do feel better informed about their care, as trial participants are often more closely and regularly monitored than a person receiving usual NHS care.

Is research safe?

Large numbers of people take part in research in the UK every year. Each research study is thoroughly checked before it can begin and all are reviewed by a Research Ethics Committee which is in place to protect the rights, safety and well-being of people taking part.

What is research?

Research is a process of asking questions about how things work in order to improve NHS treatments and care. Research can provide additional information about medicines and treatment which helps us to fill knowledge gaps and provide better care.

Why take part in research?

By taking part you are helping to improve healthcare for all. Since the establishment of the NHS in 1948 healthcare has improved considerably. Research is important to ensure that healthcare continues to improve. Thanks to the advances in healthcare resulting from research, the UK population is living longer and enjoying a better quality of life. Medicines and procedures which we research today may well become the treatments of choice in the future. You may find this Be Part of Research video helpful.

Get in touch

 If you are interested in taking part in our research studies you can contact us at:

Current studies available

You can find out what studies are currently underway at PRC: Newcastle and learn about upcoming studies by visiting our Participate in a study at PRC: Newcastle web page.

You can also access information about studies we have supported that are now closed.

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