Deliver your trial at Patient Recruitment Centre: Newcastle

The national Patient Recruitment Centre programme is purpose-designed to increase the UK’s capacity to deliver late-phase commercial clinical research, and here in Newcastle we have a lot to offer.

Successful track record

Our new PRC is hosted by Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - one of the largest NHS organisations in the UK and a renowned world class provider of healthcare. Consequently, we have a wealth of experience and a successful track record in delivering commercial research. This is reflected in our achievements of recruiting to time and target across a wide and diverse range of therapeutic areas. On average, over the past five financial years 80% of the commercial studies supported by Newcastle Hospitals achieved their recruitment target on time. The Trust regularly features in the top rankings of the NIHR national league tables for the number of open commercial portfolio studies.

Patient centric

At the PRC: Newcastle we prioritise the patients’ experience by putting them at the heart of everything we do.

Our aim is to increase the number of commercial studies that are accessible to patients across the North East and North Cumbria region. By working closely with local NHS trusts and other health sector stakeholders our centre attracts new opportunities for patients to participate in important clinical trials.

We offer a personalised, concierge-style service to all participants throughout their research journey. Our purpose designed facilities provide a convenient, welcoming and safe NHS environment for delivering clinical research. Our friendly, dedicated team shares a wealth of medical expertise and research delivery experience.

We also want to make it easier for patients to take part in research. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed the capability to set-up and deliver end to end virtual clinical trials. Learn more about the launch of our first virtual trial.

Alternatively, we can see patients in a COVID-secure environment where face to face visits are required. This can be supported by NHS Attend Anywhere virtual consultations where there is no requirement to attend in person.

Innovation in recruitment

At PRC: Newcastle we take a muti-faceted approach to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting participants from our population while also encouraging and broadening equity of access to research opportunities. We are doing this through our patient and volunteer Research+Me Register and through disease specific registers such as ContactMe-IBS.

We have also developed strong partnerships with our Primary Care colleagues and are progressing collaborations spanning entire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) through which we can reach the whole population they serve. This enables us to use the Patient Identification Centre (PIC) model at scale.

Social media channels such as LinkedInTwitter and Facebook are used to raise awareness of study-specific opportunities as well as supporting our research registries.

Collaborating for success

Commercial research and collaborations with industry are important strategic priorities. We have excellent relationships with several pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organisations (CROs). Additionally, we work closely with many experienced principal and chief investigators across all disease areas. This further enhances our Trust research delivery capability by creating a commercial pipeline from early through to late phase trials.

In addition, the national Patient Recruitment Centre (PRCs) franchise model enables collaboration across all five PRCs and we are committed to the single costing of studies and working together to expedite contracting and study start up.

Get in touch

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