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Every minute in the UK, someone is diagnosed with a disease or a condition. The treatment and support they will receive will, at some point, have been discovered by research. Research improves the health and social care provided by the NHS and others, advancing medicine to find new cures and better treatments for future generations. It also helps to improve diagnosis, prevention and quality of life for everyone. In some cases it can change lives, or even save lives.

At the Patient Recruitment Centre (PRC): Exeter we put patients and the public at the heart of everything that we do. Our aim is to work with you to improve health and care by bringing world class research studies and trials to your region. If you choose to get involved in our work you will experience a range of advantages and benefits that are exclusive to research participants. 

Taking part in Clinical Research

The way that we deliver clinical research at the Patient Recruitment Centre: Exeter focuses on patients and the public. You are important to our work that we have designed our services around you. From making our centre welcoming and accessible, to giving you dedicated one to one clinical contact, we deliver a personalised medical experience that puts you in control of your health.

 The research we deliver changes lives. By using evidence from studies we can:

  • Develop better treatments
  • Improve care
  • Refine medical practice
  • Further our understanding of conditions and how to manage them
  • Improve diagnosis
  • Understand how to prevent harmful conditions earlier
  • Achieve better quality of life for all

…and you can be a part of this.

The more people that get involved in research the faster it will progress and the sooner the benefits will be felt. Everyone has a role to play in clinical research; it’s just a case of finding out what’s best for you. We’ll help you find the opportunity that’s right for you. 

Why should you take part?

People want to take part in health or social care research for many reasons:

  • To learn more about their condition
  • To be more closely and regularly monitored
  • To try a new treatment or device
  • To help researchers learn important new information
  • To improve health and social care for others.
  • To give hope of better outcomes to others

What kind of research can I take part in?

At the PRC: Exeter we work with industry leading companies to bring you the latest, cutting-edge clinical research. We run a wide range of clinical trials covering a broad spectrum of topics.

A focus on you

We want you to be informed and supported at every stage of your research journey and this is why we make the information about your research experience simple to understand and relevant to you. We do this with clear materials and expert personal advice and support throughout your journey. If you are ever unsure you can always ask. Some of the ways we ensure you are informed:

Patient information sheets 

These contain information about the background specific to the trial. They explain:

  • Why we are doing the study
  • What will be involved e.g. how many visits to PRC: Exeter
  • What will happen at each visit
  • What the potential outcomes may be
  • How long you will be involved in the study.

An expert team, here for you

Subsequent ‘follow up’ visits will take place at  PRC: Exeter where you will be seen by our Research Team which is made up of doctors, nurses, assistant research practitioners, pharmacists and a trials administrator.

Consistency of care

We will ensure that your usual healthcare provider is kept informed of your involvement and progress throughout the study.

How can I find a study I can take part in?

Our friendly team can discuss what type of clinical trial is available and suitable for you to consider. They will also be aware of plans for future studies. Deciding to take part in a clinical trial is an important decision and one that often involves discussions with family, friends and your usual healthcare provider. You may also decide that you wish to be considered for further research as and when it becomes available, if so you can register to be contacted in the future by the team. 

Patient and public involvement

Our Research Champions volunteer their time to help spread the word about health and care research to patients and the public, and especially those groups who are currently less likely to take part in research. They also help research and healthcare staff to understand more about the experiences of those who take part in research. They are play an important part in supporting our work and ensuring that we listen to patients so that we can  provide a service that meets your needs.

 Here at the PRC: Exeter we are committed to exploring how we can ensure patients and the public can access high quality research. This includes those groups who are participating less in research. We want to help everyone to find out about health and care research in culturally appropriate ways, that will support their future engagement.

Our Research Delivery Team work with Research Champions to speak to local community groups and support work in and around the RD&E raising the profile of research, supporting events such as International Clinical Trials day, talking to research and healthcare staff about their experiences of research.

Get in touch

We understand that there is lots to think about when it comes to considering taking part in research and that’s why we are always available to have a conversation about the research opportunities available to you. Please get in contact with our expert team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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