Our team of experts is waiting to welcome you at PRC: Bradford. On this page you can find out who they are and and learn a little about their expertise and experience.


Professor Dinesh Saralaya

Clinical Director

We have a great team at the PRC here in Bradford with research staff that have a wealth of experience in delivering late-phase commercial trials. As Clinical Director I have overall responsibility for the PRC and am very keen for us to expand the number of research studies we are doing and work with current and new industry partners to provide innovative interventions to our local population.

Karen Regan

Business Manager (Clinical)

Having worked in commercial clinical research as a senior research nurse for many years, I have overall responsibilty for running all the trials within the PRC and ensure that our research participants receive excellent care and there is high quality and performance in study delivery. 

Jane Dennison

Jane Dennison

Business Manager (Operational)

I’ve worked in research management, governance and support for many years and understand the importance of setting up commercial studies quickly and efficiently from a contracting and finance point of view and this is a key focus for the PRC initiative and my role, as well as supporting new business development. 

Dr Tracy Watson

Director of Research Operations

As part of my wider role as Director of Research Operations within the Trust, I have oversight of the operation and strategic direction of the PRC which involves looking at funding and performance, business  development and partnership working as well as marketing and communications.

Kayode Afolabi

Clinical Fellow 

As a Clinical Fellow in this multispecialty research facility, I serve a s a sub-investigator and clinician on a varied and interesting portfolio of clinical trials of medicines and vaccines leveraging my clinical knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure meticulous execution of research protocols. Additionally, my resourcefulness extends beyond my primary roles, enabling me to collaborate effectively with the team, ensuring study participants' safety and satisfaction.

Umair Mahmud

Junior Clinical Fellow 

As a Clinical Research Fellow for the PRC Bradford, I am involved as a sub-investigator on most of the PRC studies, providing medical cover alongside the principal investigators. As the PRC covers a range of specialities, the work here is variable and interesting, but the most enjoyable part of the day is meeting our research participants ensuring their research experience goes well.

Kim Storton 

Senior Research Nurse

I lead the development and conduct of all the PRC trials on a day-to-day basis and ensure that the PRC team continually develop to have the knowledge and skills to deliver the diverse range of research that we conduct including large scale vaccine trials. 

Demi Mizickova

Research Nurse

During my nursing degree I was given the opportunity to complete a placement within the PRC Bradford team which inspired me to continue working in research since qualifying.  As a research nurse, I work collaboratively withother healthcare professionals to co-ordinate research participants. I manage, organise, implement and support a portfolio of commercial clinical trials within the PRC alongside the Principal Investigator. I ampassionate about research as I work with others to improve lives and enhance future knowledge and treatment. 

Mereen Akhtar 

Research Nurse 

After having worked for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for nearly 20 years, I joined the PRC Bradford team as a Research Nurse. I manage, co-ordinate, organise, implement and support a portfolio of commercial clinical trials within the PRC alongside the Principal Investigators. I have previously worked in urgent care, primary care and tertiary covering forensic nursing. It’s a varied role in the PRC and there are lots of opportunities to work with research participants – their care and research experience is paramount!

Joshua Ornillo

Research Nurse

Joshua Ornillo

As a research nurse, I work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to co-ordinate research participants. I manage, organise, implement, and support a portfolio of commercial clinical trials within the PRC alongside the Principal Investigator. I am passionate about research as I work with others to improve lives and enhance future knowledge and treatment.

Dr Rachel Pring 

Research GP 

I have been practicing as a General Practitioner (GP) partner in Skipton for the last 15 years and always had a keen interest in respiratory medicine. I’m looking forward to working with the Patient Recruitment Centre team in Bradford with the aim of increasing the amount of respiratory research that is applicable to the population we serve in primary care.

Dr Mathew Duke 

Research GP 

I am a General Practitioner (GP) based in Leeds, I have always had a passion and interest in research. I feel lucky to have an opportunity to extend my experience in research and the Patient Recruitment Centre in Bradford is an excellent team. My specific interest is in health inequalities, so having a chance to bring that in to the PRC is fabulous.

Anjum Rajput

Senior Finance Manager for Research

Research has always been at the heart of my career. As the lead for Research Finance at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, I have overall responsibility for all aspects of financial strategy, governance, management and reporting. I ensure that all PRC Bradford activity is fully costed, funded and recorded transparently, and in line with all applicable Accounting treatments and standards. With the help of an outstanding team, we have shaped research finance at the Trust and built strong collaborations with multiple stakeholders, from NHS partners, Academia, Industry and more – both nationally and globally.   

Ashleigh Trout

Assistant Finance ManagerImage of Ashleigh Trout

Before joining Bradford Teaching Hospitals in 2018, I worked in the mental health sector. My current role within the PRC Bradford team is to coordinate and assist with the ICT costing and pre-contract negotiation process for all Commercial Clinical Trials, as well as managing the post contract finances for the PRC. My role requires liaison with all stakeholders of the PRC, including the coordinating team, Contracts team, Commercial Sponsors, and sometimes even the patients themselves. This does require strong communication, efficiency and organisation. 

Shahima Begum

Communications and Engagement Lead for Research

In my role as the Communications and Engagement Lead, through various media, I ensure that the work of the PRC is publicised and our participants and the public, industry partners and potential collaborators are aware of the extensive, high quality commercial research portfolio that we deliver and how it is helping to improve healthcare.   

Jo Safranauskas and Waheeda Ahmed 


As a PRC receptionists, we are there to welcome research participants and ensure that they know who they will be meeting and what their visit will involve – we want them to enjoy their time at the PRC and feel comfortable! 

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