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 Proven track record

Based at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we are a world class centre for the delivery of late-phase commercial trials and have an impressive performance track record to match.

Our commercial research activity has grown by 10-15% year on year since 2014. Furthermore, for two consecutive years (2017-19) 80% of the commercial studies we delivered met their recruitment target on time. We currently deliver large numbers of patients into the NIHR national commercial research portfolio from a wide range of clinical areas, and since 2011, we have recruited multiple global, European and UK-first participants into commercial studies. 

Focused approach 

We understand your needs and our success is built on providing research that is focused on the best possible experience for patients, while being responsive and agile for industry. Our research delivery is underpinned by efficient and robust management processes, including full implementation of the UKs national, standardised costing and contract models. 

Outstanding people

We have dedicated, skilled and experienced specialist research teams in pharmacy, radiology, research and development management, and finance, as well as our clinical departments. Bradford is a city rich in cultural diversity. We draw upon this to ensure our workforce and target population reflect this. 

Positive ethos

Improvement and innovation are central to our ethos. We are currently applying the learning from our pioneering virtual hospital programmes to provide efficient and patient-centred clinical research deliver that is fit for the future. 

Rich data stream

Our Connected Bradford dataset is one of the richest in the UK, with linked health (and educational/social care) data for 700,000 citizens. It contains deeply phenotyped/genotyped data from our world-class cohorts and is supported by one of the leading NHS-based research data teams. Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the most digitally developed NHS organisations with full Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and excellent system-wide linkage. 

World-class facilities 

Over £9 million has been invested in research infrastructure on the Bradford Royal Infirmary site within the last decade to create the Bradford Health Research Hub - a focal point for our research expertise. This includes the Bradford Institute for Health Research (BIHR) and the £3 million Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research (a partnership with the universities of Bradford and Leeds) 

This is where you will find our new £2 million state of the art Patient Recruitment Centre, which is an outpatient facility dedicated to conducting commercial clinical research. 


Facilities include: 

  • Seven clinical research suites
  • Secure and accredited document repository 
  • Dedicated lab space
  • Large range of clinical equipment 
  • Crash trolleys and emergency equipment
  • High quality accommodation for clinical trial monitoring

Collaborative Industry Days

PRC: Bradford constantly strives to improve communication and collaboration with our industry partners. We have held to extremely successful open days, the latest in 2019. Senior representatives from GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Sanofi Aventis and IQVIA met with our clinical and research staff at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Industry Facing Day 2019. The event was a great success, with over 80 people in attendance.

Running an event like this enables us to: 

  • Showcase the excellent work that is being carried out by our research teams
  • Celebrate and strengthen existing relationships with our partners in industry
  • Forge new business relationships.

Get in Touch

Please contact us to find out more about why PRC: Bradford is the right place to deliver your clinical trial.

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