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The national Patient Recruitment Centre programme is purpose-designed to increase the UK’s capacity to deliver late-phase commercial clinical research, and here in Bradford we have a lot to offer. 

Research expertise and track record

We are a world class centre for the delivery of late-phase commercial trials with an impressive performance track record that includes recruiting several first Global/European/UK participants into trials. Our commercial research activity has grown by 10-15% year on year since 2014 and our patient-centred approach has led to high patient satisfaction scores which makes us a clinical studies destination of choice. 

Research expertise

We have research active staff across a broad range of specialties and key opinion leaders in  Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Diabetes, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Ophthalmology and more.


Patient experience

96% of participants said that they would consider taking part in research again at PRC: Bradford. 

Time and target

61% of the NIHR-supported commercial trials were delivered to time and target in 2019/2020*.  And we achieved 79% and 80% to time and target in the previous two years. *incomplete year due to COVID -19 pandemic


Volume of trials

In  the last five years, we have supported on average over 518 studies per year with an average of 85 commercial studies supported per year.

Participants recruited

We have recruited an average of 11,500 participants per year in our host Trust, over the last five years. 

Recruitment successes

We have recruited two ‘global first’, three ‘European first’ and three ‘UK first’ patients into commercial studies in the last five years, as well as being the highest recruiting site in the world for one study.


Find out more about our research expertise and experience

Learn more about all of these successes by visiting our 'More about our research expertise and experience' page.


Research facilities and regional reach

Our state-of-the-art facilities and the unique opportunities that our culturally-diverse region offers means that we are already a preferred location for commercial research. 

Unique to our region

One in four people describe themselves as Asian / Asian British ethnic origin and we have the 4th highest proportion of under 16 year olds in England. We also have access to phenotyped/genotyped data for 700,000 citizens.


State-of-the-art facilities

More than £9million has been invested in research infrastructure over the last decade by our host Trust to create the Bradford Health Research Hub - a focal point for our research expertise. This includes the Bradford Institute for Health Research, our PRC and the £3million Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research (a partnership with the University of Leeds and Bradford).


Integrated data systems

Our Connected Bradford dataset is one of the richest in the UK with linked health (and educational/ social care) data for 700,000 citizens. Our host Trust is one of the most digitally developed NHS organisations with full Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and excellent system-wide linkage.

Regional relationships

Our strong local and regional links and collaborative "City of Research" culture has enabled us to forge strong clinical networks across the city of Bradford, its surrounding 2.5 million West Yorkshire population, and the wider 5 million population of Yorkshire.


Recruitment reach

Our host trust provides core services to 500,000 people in our locality and specialist services to 1.1 million people.


Find out more about our recruitment reach and facilities

Learn more about region and local partnerships by visiting our 'More about our region and facilities' page.


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Find out more about the studies that are upcoming, currently being delivered and closed at PRC: Bradford.

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