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Ziyad Al-Dibouni: working in radiology research

The NIHR’s Your Path in Research campaign is encouraging healthcare professionals to consider a career in research.

Here, Ziyad Al-Dibouni, a Research Radiographer at the Oxford Radiology Research Unit at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, talks about his role.

“As someone who has lived with Crohn’s disease since 2007, I have personally seen the importance and benefit that research has on improving patient care and quality of life. My diagnosis has impacted every aspect of my life, but it has certainly fuelled my passion and instigated my curiosity in the derivations of how research is involved in disease diagnosis, management, and treatment.

“I have been fortunate enough to have a research career in my previous NHS posts before qualifying as a diagnostic radiographer, which has allowed me to bring skills into my current profession where radiographer lead research is not that widely done.

“What excites me about research is not just the possibility of being involved in something that has the potential to benefit patients, but to discovering new treatments, looking into the unknown, filling gaps in knowledge as well as having the chance to pioneer the future of research in healthcare itself.”

Visit the NIHR website to learn more about a career in research.