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Your Path in Research: Claire West, Research Delivery Manager

CRN SWP Research Delivery Manager Claire West

Claire’s role puts her at the heart of the health and social care research taking place across the South West. She describes her background in research, and what she loves about the job.

When did you first get involved in research?

In 1995, when I started in the role of Renal Research Nurse at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

Why did you decide to get involved?

I saw an Oncology Research Nurse post advertised, which fitted my skill set and passion (my degree is Statistics and Operational Research with Mathematics, and I also have a Diploma in Nursing qualification). I said to my line manager that I was going to apply for it, but she said don’t, we have a Renal Research Nurse post being advertised soon

What has been the highlight of your research career so far?

Too many to mention. Finally people understanding what clinical research is, following the pandemic. Seeing the drugs that were in clinical trials in the first part of my career becoming standard treatment. Seeing the research delivery team grow from a small number in the South West Peninsula to where we are now - I’ve got a poster that I presented in 2008/2009 to say we opened just 30 trials across the Peninsula when I was the generic nurse in the PenCLRN Comprehensive Network*.

Why do you believe research is important?

To allow my friends, family and the general population to have access to the best evidence-based treatment/procedure for their condition.

What do you love about your job?

Seeing studies delivered to get the best evidence, meeting people, networking, supporting teams to develop.

Would you recommend research as a career to others?



Find out how you can be part of research on the National Institute for Health Research website.


*There are currently 330 studies open and recruiting in the South West Peninsula