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The Patient Research Experience Survey 2019-20 is now live

The Patient Research Experience Survey 2019-20 is now live

The Patient Research Experience Survey (PRES) 2019-20 has been launched across the West of England. The PRES will arrive at Trusts and GP Practices on Monday 28 October 2019.

What is it?
The NIHR Clinical Research Network West of England Patient Research Experience Survey (PRES) is a confidential evaluation of our research and delivery.

Now in the fourth year of delivery, it is now a High Level Objective (HLO8) with deliverable targets set and evaluated by the DHSC.

It is to be given to patients who attend a research study appointment from now until 20 March 2020.

Only one version should be completed by each patient.

Why are we doing it?
The results will help to further understand the patient experience of taking part in research and highlight areas we can make changes to enhance that experience.

Where did it come from?
The PRES was developed with partner organisations, patients and the core Clinical Research Network PPIE (Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement) team across the West of England. The questions are nationally mandated.

What are the key facts about the PRES?
The survey is confidential. Each Trust has a named PRES coordinator responsible for distribution to the research delivery staff.

Identifying the specific study with an IRAS or study acronym is not necessary. If the patient wishes to identify the study, they may do so.

Is it just for patients who are already part of a study?
No. It is for any patient attending a research-based appointment. They could be potential new participant, already in a study or in follow-up. There are children’s versions in development, building on last years’ success.

Are appointments in emergency settings included?
Where there is ‘delayed consent’ (ITU or emergency setting) patients are excluded from the PRES. The first visit (when consented retrospectively) should be the point at which these patients are offered the PRES.

Who should complete the survey when the patient lacks capacity and there is no retrospective consent?
Depending on individual circumstances, either the ‘personal consultee’ or the patient can complete the form. Also, if a carer is involved in helping a patient participate, they may complete the survey.

Who should be offered the PRES?
You can use the PRES with patients whose research appointments take place in clinic, as inpatients, on home visits and those receiving a telephone call (you can send them the survey and a prepaid envelope).

Is there any further information available?
We are here to help with any questions - please email or call 0117 342 1375.