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The Participant in Research Experience Survey 2021-22 is now live

The Participant in Research Experience Survey (PRES) 2021-22 has launched across the West of England.

The PRES is for people, including healthy volunteers, who are currently on a Clinical Research Network Portfolio study (including commercial studies) and are at a point in the study where they feel they can give their views. They don’t need to wait until the end of their study to complete the survey.

Paper PRES

Last year, the majority of the PRES responses we received were printed versions.

The study team will need to add the location, study name, and number in the designated spot on the front page, and then hand it to the participant.

Surveys that can’t be linked to a specific study or site won’t count towards the final target. Please make sure to complete the ‘for staff use’ box in advance at the bottom of each paper survey.

If you would like to be sent paper copies of the PRES, please email

Online PRES

There is an online version that is active and ready to distribute. This can be sent to study participants via email at an appropriate point during their research journey.

The link to the survey is

If sent by email, we suggest the following text:

Dear <Name>,

Thank you for taking part in the <study name> study (IRAS/CPMS Number: <number>) at <site>.

We are inviting you to complete a short survey about your experience of taking part in this study.

You are being asked to complete this survey because you have previously or are currently taking part in research supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which funds and supports research in the NHS as well as public health and social care research.

Part of the role of the NIHR is about making research better so that people like you who take part have the best experience possible. We would value your feedback in this survey to help us do this.

Taking part in the survey is voluntary, you do not have to fill this form in. It generally takes up to five minutes to complete. Your answers will be used anonymously to help improve research.

Kind Regards,

<PI, Study Name>

Promotional materials

We have posters and business cards with QR codes available to help you promote the PRES.

If you would like to be sent these please email

Frequently Asked Questions

There is an FAQ document available which should answer the majority of your questions. 

If you have any other questions please email