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Research video game developed by team from Eastern region available now!

Research video game developed by team from Eastern region available now!

Did you know your local NHS hospital team is carrying out research to help find new treatments for conditions like diabetes, stroke and dementia? And, without patients and the public getting involved it could not happen? Well, to help spread the word, the NIHR in the Eastern region has launched the world's first video game to tell the story of how treatments for health conditions like diabetes are discovered through research.

The game has been launched alongside the NIHR’s ‘Be Part of Research’ campaign which raises awareness of the opportunities for people to get involved in research.

In ‘Rebo’s Research Adventure’, players join Rebo, the NHS Research Robot on a journey back in time, visiting key moments in history when medical discoveries were made to help us care for patients with diabetes.

The platform game sees players collecting positive elements such as 'insulin' and 'French lilac' to gain points while avoiding fizzy drinks and sweets which could see them lose valuable seconds of play. As they make their virtual journey, players can move through new, more challenging levels and those who make it through the levels the quickest will be able to see themselves listed on an ultimate leader board.

The NIHR team behind the game hope that while players have fun they will also learn how health research is essential to finding life-changing new treatments for patients in the NHS and across the world. The game also highlights how patients and the public play an important part in the research being delivered by NHS teams. It is hoped that the game will appeal to all ages and can engage people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The game is now available to download to iPad and Android tablets for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play. For more information visit our Rebo's Research Adventure website