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Research on the Frontline #5

Research on the Frontline #5

Research Development Nurse Eleanor Sowerby who is currently working at Queen Square Medical Practice, Morecambe Bay CCG tells us about her experiences working on the frontline of the global pandemic, COVID-19.


Full Name & Job Title: Eleanor Sowerby, Research Development Nurse

Department currently working on: Queen Square Medical Practice, Lancaster and in alliance with research active general practices across Morecambe Bay CCG.

Research trials you’re involved in:

Urgent Public Health (UPH) Study: PRINCIPLE : Aim to find treatments for COVID-19 for older people and stop them needing to go to hospital. UPH research are studies being prioritised to enable new diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines to be developed and tested for COVID-19.

Non –urgent studies: GLAD: Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression – online study

Please give us an outline of how you’re finding working during COVID-19:

The main thing has been around adaptability, embracing change and looking at new opportunities for research and ways of working.

It is great that the PRINCIPLE study has included care homes as often they are excluded from a lot of primary care studies. This has enabled us to make contact with the various care homes that we support as a practice. Our initial phone calls were well received with care homes keen to be involved and help raise awareness about the study.

We have made contact with the NIHR ENRICH network (Enabling Research In Care Homes) in the hope that we might encourage our local care homes to become active research partners.
We have also adapted to how we work across the various research active practices moving from face to face meetings and using Microsoft teams to help us facilitate our team meetings and support for one another.

Why do you think research is important?

With research we can bring about a fresh new innovative approach to sustainable health care. As well as helping to support us in the continuing pursuit of the best possible care for others, ourselves, our families and the communities we live in.


Thank you Eleanor Sowerby, Research Development Nurse at Queen Square Medical Practice, Morecambe Bay CCG