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Research on the Frontline #4

Research on the Frontline #4

Clinical Research Network; North West Coast Taskforce Research Nurse, Mandy Edwards, tells us about how her role has changed during COVID-19 and what she is currently experiencing on the frontline at Arrowe Park Hospital.


Full Name & Job Title: Mandy Edwards, Research Nurse

Department currently working: Arrowe Park Hospital

Research trials you’re involved in: Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection (CCP) and hopefully will be involved in Study with Hydroxychloroquine for Prevention and Early Phase Treatment of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) (PROTECT) if it opens here.

Please give us an outline of how you’re finding working during COVID-19:

Different! Not used to being in an office all day. Finding and collecting the data very time consuming, and at times soul destroying, quite sad and emotional as we are reading the patient’s notes; we are getting involved in their story and that of the relatives, which makes it all the more real and makes us realise that these people are not just a number and a statistic but a real person. I keep thinking the more information we provide the study centre the more they have to go on and the sooner they will start being able to make a difference; that is what keeps me going some days.
Most days I am in the office all day on my own, which is good for work purposes as there are no distractions but can be quite lonely sometimes. It was strange not seeing patients and the atmosphere in the hospital was be a bit strange, none of the cafes had seats and tables, and some weren't open. People are walking around wearing masks and sometimes looking warily at each other. People in the office are quite nervous too about the whole thing.

Why do you think research is important?

Research is so important anyway to be able to develop and move forward, but especially now, with Covid being such an unknown quantity, and the drastic effect it has had on the whole world. It is vital to be able to get to know this virus better and to be able to find ways to help treat people as soon as possible.


Thank you to Mandy Edwards, Research Nurse for Clinical Research, North West Coast Taskforce currently working at Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.