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Research on the Frontline #2

Research on the Frontline #2

Our most recent addition to the CRN North West Coast Taskforce, Research Nurse Nathalie Nicholas tells us about her role and why she believes research is so important during the current pandemic, as our second 'Research on the Frontline' case study.


Full Name & Job Title: Nathalie Nicholas, Generic Research Nurse, LCRN North West Coast Taskforce Team, NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN)

Department currently working on: Royal Liverpool Hospital Infectious Disease Research

Research trials you’re involved in: ISARIC-CCP, Recovery, Remdesivir

Please give us an outline of how you’re finding working during COVID-19:

Working during the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontline has been motivating and emotionally challenging at times. As a research nurse, I along with my fellow colleagues have risen to the challenge working collaboratively on studies which could help patients in the fight against this deadly virus. It has enabled me to utilise my knowledge and skills as a research nurse adding value to an existing team of experts in the ID research team. We had to rapidly mobilise in line with national priorities to help identify and enrol patient for COVID-19 research pandemic studies. Yet it has been stressful seeing the number of patients succumbing to the virus.

Why do you think research is important?

Research is important and essential, to help us find out which treatments works best for patients. It is only through research we can work together to explore and develop new tests, treatments, interventions and drugs to help patients and enhance clinical practice. Research helps ensure existing or best possible treatments are available to benefit patient. I believe research is crucial; it gives us all hope in all areas of health fighting diseases and especially in this pandemic. Without research the health and social care area would be stagnant.


Thank you to Nathalie Nicholas, Research Nurse at the Clinical Research Network North West Coast, currently working at the Royal Liverpool Hospital site, Liverpool University Hospital Foundation Trust.