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Research on the Frontline #1

Research on the Frontline #1


One of our newest additions to our Taskforce at the Clinical Research Network, North West Coast, Hema Thomas, Research Nurse, tells us about her journey in her new role during the current Covid-19 pandemic, as our first 'Research on the Frontline' case study.

Full Name & Job Title: Hema Thomas, Clinical Research Nurse

Department currently working on: NIHR CRN North West Coast

Research trials you’re involved in: COVID-19: ISARIC and Recovery trial


Please give us an outline of how you’re finding working during COVID-19:

As a passionate 'newbee' research nurse, hardly a month into my clinical research journey, travelling to various sites, meeting new people, understanding various studies in itself is difficult and challenging, however as I was slowly finding my feet in this new area of learning, the COVID-19 virus outbreak comes as a jolt to my starting month.

I was made part of the COVID-19 taskforce team based at Aintree at the very start of this research, aligning with various teams in short space of time and adopting varies technologies to enhance a fast paced research and respond to the fluid situation of the pandemic was an eye opener to me.

I was learning new research skills every day at a pace never I have done before, data collection and consenting at the same time while closely following all necessary guidance set out by the government and the NHS. Ongoing COVID -19 study is a real educational and practical experience and at the same time very agile. I stay connected with other members of the team through regular hangouts, whatsapp groups etc. I am really very proud to be a part of this amazing, hardworking and innovating team striving to achieve a common goal through clinical research to find new ways to diagnose, treat and look after people with Covid-19. Though it can be challenging at times but very rewarding too.


Why do you think research is important?

As stated by scientific community throughout the world, there is only one real way out of this pandemic, to find a vaccine and effective drug treatment for this new disease. Hence research is very vital to stop Covid-19 and will be a key pillar to answer many unanswered questions relating to COVID-19.

Thank you to Hema Thomas, Research Nurse at the Clinical Research Network, North West Coast currently working at Aintree, Liverpool University Hospital Foundation Trust.