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Research Mentor Directory Aims to Develop Researcher’s Careers

Research Mentor Directory Aims to Develop Researcher’s Careers

Research staff at the CRN North East & North Cumbria are encouraging health and social care colleagues to join a new networking platform, to develop research mentors and expertise across the region.

Primary, secondary and social care staff can access the Research Mentor Directory to find a mentor or mentee to network with and learn from, as part of the NIHR’s Your Path in Research campaign to help progress research careers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on just how important research is, and the demand in new research opportunities and careers demonstrates the ambition in the region for staff to develop their skill set.

Created to help build connections and develop careers for those looking to gain further experience, the Research Mentor Directory offers those new to research the chance to connect with leading researchers, clinicians and academics in the region.

David Crook, CRN North East and North Cumbria Learning and Development Lead, said: “We’re delighted to open the Research Mentor Directory up and offer support for staff working in a variety of roles.

“The aim of the Directory is to not only harness research interest and those new to the field across health and social care, but to give experienced researchers the opportunity to develop their mentoring skills. You do not need special training or formal development to be a mentor, all you need is the desire to help others and some time to do it.”

Professor Caroline Wroe, Clinical Directory at the CRN North East and North Cumbria, explains: “By helping staff to network with colleagues in the health and care sector, where they may have struggled to connect previously, we hope we can begin to start to see the beginnings of inspiring research careers and collaborations across our region and beyond.”

Registering for the Directory is quick and easy, either as a mentor or client. Simply create a profile with your email address and include a brief background and summary of the topics you would either like support in, or would like to support someone else. A full guide to using the mentor directory can be found here.

Anyone with research experience who wants to help others can sign up. By signing up to the directory, you will be given control of the time you can commit, and who you agree to mentor or be mentored by.

Visit the Research Mentor Directory today to create your profile and find like-minded researchers.

If you'd like to learn more about the Research Mentor Directory, you can visit the Directory’s resource site or email the CRN NENC L&D team.