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New partner in the North West London Clinical Trials Alliance will expand its reach into community settings

The North West London Clinical Trials Alliance has welcomed a new partner — Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH).

Dr Suki Balendra, Life Sciences Lead at the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) North West London, said:

"It is my pleasure to announce CLCH will be joining the North West London Clinical Trials Alliance.

"CLCH is known for their strength in providing community health services to more than two million people across 11 London boroughs and Hertfordshire. This partnership offers full coverage of our alliance in the community and will give patients even more opportunities to get involved in research."

The North West London Clinical Trials Alliance is a collaboration between the CRN North West London, the local primary care network and the Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) hosted by:

  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

CLCH is committed to strengthening its drive to embed clinical research into practice. Joining the Alliance supports one of its strategic priorities to become a leader in community research.

The Alliance launched in 2021 in response to the need for collaborative efforts amongst NHS based clinical research facilities to combat the impact of COVID-19. It has already demonstrated success by sharing best practice, maximising resource utilisation and optimising clinical trial management processes across multiple organisations.

This new partnership has the potential to offer greater engagement with both commercial and non-commercial study sponsors and increase capacity with sites working cohesively together to deliver research studies.

The Alliance is dedicated to joint working to understand the needs and priorities of its patient populations in conjunction with the life science companies, to deliver a strong regional team ethos through a harmonised manner across centres.

" exciting opportunities for patients to access cutting-edge therapies."

Simon Lewis, Head of Research & Development at CLCH, said:

"The Alliance will bring together expertise across the region to support staff to develop their skills, knowledge, and advanced clinical practice.

"It will enable CLCH to enhance its footprint in the clinical research landscape with new exciting opportunities for patients to access cutting-edge therapies."

Further information about the Alliance can be found on the North West London Clinical Trials Alliance webpage.