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Meet The Early Career GPs Supporting Covid-19 Research Studies in the South West Peninsula

Meet The Early Career GPs Supporting Covid-19 Research Studies in the South West Peninsula
Pictured (L-R): Kyle Stewart, Ryan Judge, Daniel Bunce, Stephen Moul, Hannah Oram and Daisy Robinson

Research is being placed at the heart of GP training in the South West giving four recently qualified GPs and one GP who is still in training the opportunity to offer the Covid-19 research to their patients.

The PRINCIPLE Trial is a nationwide study into Covid-19 which is being delivered in the community. The study aims to enable researchers to rapidly evaluate different treatments of Covid-19 symptoms in older people and hopefully improve outcomes.

Anyone in the UK who is over 50 with a health condition or over 65 and has Covid-19 symptoms within two weeks can take part in this study. The GPs have actively promoted the study to colleagues and patients, informing patients by text message so that they are aware that if they should get Covid-19 symptoms they can take part and be offered treatments which may improve their outcomes.

Professor Philip H Evans, NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) ,National Specialty Lead  for Primary Care commented: “It is great to see GPs at early stages in their careers recognising the importance of research in primary care. They are clearly seizing the initiative, and championing research in their own practices in this COVID-19 pandemic. This will undoubtedly be for the benefit of their patients and will help to give us the answers we so desperately need to combat COVID-19.”

Meet the GP and GP trainees that have stepped up to offer Covid-19 research opportunities to their patients.

Kyle Stewart - Corner Place Surgery, Paignton

A newly qualified GP partner, and active advocate of research and innovation; Kyle has recently become a GP partner at his practice and is setting up a team to support clinical research. Kyle is also a researcher himself. He is working with the University of Exeter to explore new innovative treatments. He said:

‘As a new partner who is actively involved in research outside of General Practice, I am looking forward to building Corner Place’s research portfolio as the new research lead.

“Research Fellows, Daisy and Hannah, have recently taken up posts as ‘research fellows’. They support clinical research in their practices and promote research to fellow GPs. They are also seeking to support researchers to set up studies in the community. They are particularly focused on the frail, elderly and social prescribing that is offering contact and community support for many of the most vulnerable in the community. Daisy and Hannah are also supporting PACT- national collaboration early career GPs who support research.

Ryan Judge, GP Trainee - Probus Surgery, Truro

Ryan Judge

Ryan is a GP in training and is busy working towards his final exams for full qualification.

As part of his training Ryan participated in a teaching session about research in May. He had never had any experience of research in general practice and was totally new to the idea an there was research being offered at his practice. Ryan decided to open up the discussion with is GP practice and has promoted the study with posters and will be hoping to send out text messages to practice population soon.

Ryan’s can do attitude and positive approach are fantastic. He has been inspired to offer this opportunity to Probus patients. It is an inspiration to see GP in training bring new ideas and new approaches offering the GP practice and their patients something new and of great value.

Daniel Bunce, GP Trainee & Somerset Research Scholar - Cranleigh Gardens, Bridgewater.

Daniel Bunce

Daniel is also a GP in training in his final year and is busy in the run up to his exams.

Daniel says he fell into research by accident. He was interested in setting up a study to understand more about training and education of new GPs to manage emergencies in primary care. He set about doing an MSC and then applied to become a research scholar; a programme supported by his GP training team. He is now completing his own original research and leading research in his practice. Daniel has become a ‘research champion’ among his peers in Somerset. Daniel is also supporting the PACT collaboration.

Daniel is helping spread the work and inspire his peers to take part in research.

He has led participation in the Principle Study in his practice.

Stephen Moul, GP Trainee & Research Scholar - Mount Pleasant, Exeter

Stephen Moul

Stephen is a GP in his final year of training and is a research scholar supported by his GP Training Team. This means he gets a little extra time in his training to support research. Stephen’s particular interest in the ethics of research in those how may not be able to consent, for example some people with dementia. Stephen has interviewed a number of dementia researchers in the South West and is writing an ethic paper to address the ethical issues around consent in research for those who lack capacity.

Stephen has championed the Principle Study in his practice in Exeter. He has texted out invitations to take part and has spread the words among his GP colleague and his fellow GP trainees.

Hannah Oram, Research Fellow - Clare House, Tiverton

Hannah Oram

Daisy Robinson, Research Fellow- College Surgery, Collumpton

Daisy Robinson

To read more about what Hannah and Daisy are doing as part of their NIHR CRN SWP Research Associate Scheme read: South West Funding Scheme Supports Staff in Building a Career in Health and Social Care Research

Lisa Gibbons, Primary Care Lead for the NIHR CRN SWP commented: “These early career GPs and GPs in training have shown great initiative and have taken it upon themselves to bring Covid-19 research to their patients at their practice. I congratulate them for making such a positive step in actively supporting research and would encourage anyone with a similar interest to get in contact.”

If you are healthcare professional and are interested in research but don’t know where to start contact us by emailing and we’ll be happy to explore the options available to you.

If you are a patient or member of the public and you’re interested in research there’s lots more information about research on the Be Part of Research website.


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