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#MakeSpace4Research Campaign Launched to Encourage Staff to Increase Research Capacity

#MakeSpace4Research Campaign Launched to Encourage Staff to Increase Research Capacity

A campaign aimed at Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHPs) hopes to inspire staff to increase their capacity to take part in and lead clinical research.

Launched at the NMAHP Research Conference on the 20th of May, the #MakeSpace4Research campaign will encourage staff at The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NuTH), and across the North East, to find out how they can become research active and develop their own research projects.

A tweet from the President of the Royal College of Nursing, Ann Marie Rafferty in March, stated that according to Lord Willis around 1 in 40 doctors participate in research, compared to 1 in 1,000 nurses. The #MakeSpace4Research campaign aims to enhance the access and participation of non-research active NMAHPs into clinical research.

Targeted at NMAHP staff who provide care for patients as part of their every day routine, it is hoped the campaign can inspire those working in the North East and further afield. The main principle of the campaign is around changing the perception of being "released" from practice to undertake clinical research and to raise awareness of research delivery teams.

Linda Tinkler, Trust Lead for NMAHP Research, Education & Practice Development, at NuTH, who is leading the campaign explains:

"Since the implementation of our NMAHP Research Strategy in 2015 at NuTH, we have seen a steady increase in the number of NMAHPs securing research related funding and engaging in research activity.

"Our patients, and indeed the organisation as a whole have benefited from our front-line staff developing along clinical academic pathways and we have seen the outputs influence NICE guidelines, change thinking and raise awareness of the needs of patients in vulnerable groups from those in their early years to those with dementia."

"We are proud of our staff and the difference their work is making to frontline care.

"However we recognise that we still have much more to do to truly embed a research culture across all settings and areas, through all levels and professions."

In conjunction with the NMAHP Research Conference, it is hoped the campaign can signpost staff to the relevant resources and support networks to help turn research ideas into reality, incorporating research as part of their day-to-day practice.

There are a number of ways staff can help make space for research and help boost the profile of research, including things such as:

- Discussing the impact research has on their practice

- Plan how they and their teams develop research in a more proactive way as part of a whole team strategy

- Make research part of the conversation at every team meeting

- Share the important message that research is a core part of clinical care

- Stop talking about releasing people from practice and change the conversation to making space for them to do research

"Thanks to early interest and frontline staff engaging with this campaign, we have already noticed organisations as far away as Southampton tweeting through the hashtag. Making this campaign UK wide has the potential for us all to work together to support the NMAHP Clinical Academic Research Agenda, alongside the NMAHP Research Delivery agenda," Linda adds.

Sharon Dorgan, Senior Strategic Manager for CRN NENC, explained: "This is a fantastic opportunity to spread the word regarding how all NMAHPs can ensure research is part of their daily dialogue and is seen as integral to high level care delivery."

Search for the #MakeSpace4Research hashtag on Twitter.