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Leading Leicester Doctor wins natonal award for research efforts

Leading Leicester Doctor wins natonal award for research efforts

A doctor in Leicester has been given a prestigious award in recognition of her efforts to drive up participation in clinical research.

Dr Reem Al Jayyousi, a Consultant Nephrologist at Leicester’s Hospitals, received the award through a programme run jointly by the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) and the Royal College of Physicians.

The awards honour full-time clinicians who have embedded research into their daily work. Dr Al Jayyousi was nominated by her colleagues for outstanding effort to engage patients in clinical trials.

Since becoming a consultant in 2005, Dr Al Jayyousi has worked tirelessly to embed research in clinical delivery. Focusing on rare diseases, including renal vasculitis and lupus, these efforts have helped the NHS learn more about the causes of these conditions, empowering clinical staff and giving hope to patients for new ways to manage and treat their conditions, and – potentially – even find a cure.

Her ideas have generated grant-funding for joint clinical and research nurses, including support from leading charity LUPUS UK. Crucially, making research a part of everyday clinical delivery has made taking part in research easier for patients.

The response from patients has been extremely positive and enabled Dr Al Jayyousi and her colleagues to deliver a number of high-profile studies to help advance healthcare.

Dr Al Jayyousi said. “Giving patients a way to take part in research while they are already at the hospital for treatment makes it much easier for them and we’ve seen real benefits from this approach.

“Our patients love taking part in research. They have fantastic relationships with staff, and many are on the lookout for new studies to take part in so that they can help us continue to learn and improve treatment further.

“Embedding research into clinical care in this way has allowed us to explore new treatments while working in partnership with patients to learn about diseases. I’ve really enjoyed helping develop research in this way and I’m delighted to have been recognised with this award. Of course, I could not have done this alone and would like to thank the research and clinical team at Leicester’s Hospitals who are so dedicated to providing the best possible patient care.”

Professor Nigel Brunskill, Director of Research and Innovation at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “On behalf of Leicester’s Hospitals I would like to congratulate Dr Al Jayyousi. She thoroughly deserves the award from the CRN and Royal College of Physicians for her endeavours to support patients to take part in research. She goes above and beyond and embodies our hospital’s mantra of delivering caring at its best.

Meanwhile Dr Al Jayyousi is continuing to encourage more patients to take part in research. She is currently putting the finishing touches to plans for a patient information day in March, working in partnership with the charities Kidney Care UK and Kidney Research UK to make patients aware of the difference that taking part in research can make to theirs, and other peoples’, lives.