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Latest stats show strong performance for the CRN North West London

Latest stats show strong performance for the CRN North West London

Today's release of the NIHR Annual Stats show that the Clinical Research Network North West London (CRN NWL) recruited 29,137 participants last year, 32% above target.

This brings our five year total to 195,859 participants, every one of them contributing to high quality research leading to better care, treatments and services – ultimately making a difference to people’s lives.

NIHR annual research statistics provide the most comprehensive set of data available on the state of clinical research in England – reporting the number of studies taking place and the numbers of participants taking part.

Across 100% of NHS Trusts in England, 732,176 participants took part in studies supported by the NIHR Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN), contributing to the national five year total of 3,599,944 participants.

"I’m glad I’m here to take part in this research..."

“Taking part in the research, which I’m very happy to do, will help other people in future. I’m glad I’m here to take part in this research, knowing that it will help other people” says Grace Pym, a North West London participant in an ophthalmology study.

The CRN NWL ranked 5th nationally for recruitment per head of population, with higher than expected recruitment per head of population achieved in 14 out of 30 specialties. The Network was the top recruiter for Infection and a top five recruiter for Cancer, Critical Care, Hepatology, Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders and Respiratory Disorders.

The Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust was the top recruiting site for Metabolic and Endocrine non-commercial studies nationally.

The NIHR CRN supported the delivery of 6,052 studies at NHS and other health and social care sites across England, of which 718 studies were supported by the CRN NWL. A total of 2,103 new studies were accepted to the NIHR CRN portfolio, of which the CRN NWL became the lead Network on 123.

Recruiting to time and target is a key performance indicator for studies. Of the studies led in North West London, 85% achieved their target.

More commercial studies than ever before were supported by the NIHR CRN – studies supported by the life sciences industry. Participants were recruited into 1,166 commercial studies nationally, with 150 in North West London.

A total of 28,832 participants took part in commercial research supported by the NIHR CRN, including 1,532 in North West London.

North West London is the top recruiting region for Neurodegeneration and Dementia commercial studies.

"A big thank you to all our volunteers, patients and staff for their support."

Dr Robina Coker, the CRN North West London’s Clinical Director, said: “It's fantastic to see many people getting involved in research across the region. We know that our communities welcome the opportunity to take part in research, and value the experience. A big thank you to all our volunteers, patients and staff for their support.”

Chief Executive Officer of the NIHR Clinical Research Network, Dr William van’t Hoff, said: “I am delighted to see strong results of research delivery, reflecting the tremendous amount of work from many different staff based throughout our entire regional networks and in all healthcare settings. The NIHR CRN is truly showing its reach and opportunity to help researchers and patients across the whole country.”

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