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International Nurses Day 2020: Research Nurse Jenny explains how she is helping deliver vital COVID-19 research

International Nurses Day 2020: Research Nurse Jenny explains how she is helping deliver vital COVID-19 research

The CRN East Midlands Research Support Team (RST) is working to deliver COVID-19 research studies across the region. On International Nurses Day, Research Nurse Jenny Salmon from the Nottinghamshire RST shares her experience…

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Nottinghamshire RST Hub has really shown how flexible and dedicated our staff are, coming together and working with partners to deliver research into the disease.

I have been working cross-boundary in Derbyshire, providing support to the Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust research team and supporting the process of recruiting patients into the RECOVERY and ISARIC research studies. These are two of the urgent public health studies that are priorities to help us learn more about COVID-19.

My involvement at Chesterfield has enabled the team there to deliver a seven day service, and has also meant that staff are able to take days off in the week.

Working with the Chesterfield team has been a fantastic experience. The research nurses have taken on the process of nurse consent for the RECOVERY study, and the Principal Investigator believes that this approach has massively increased recruitment. Without dedicated research nurses, he believes that the medical team would not have been able to offer as many COVID-19 patients the opportunity to take part in the study.

The research nurses have developed a detailed eligibility checklist to support the involvement of patients in research. This includes reviewing the medical history and concomitant medications of patients, which helps to determine which of the different treatments that the study is trialling could be received by the patient. This approach means that we can effectively balance patient care and the process of involving patients in important research.

I am immensely proud to be a research nurse and work as part of this team. Patients are incredibly eager to take part in COVID-19 research to help us learn more about this disease and how to treat it, and I get great satisfaction from knowing that research nurses are making such an important contribution during this difficult time.

Finally, at a time when everyone is keen to do their bit, I also want to thank my Mum, who is home isolating but wants to do what she can to support NHS staff. She has made laundry bags for the RST and the Chesterfield research team so that staff can get changed at work, and then take clothes home and put them straight in the washing machine inside the bag to reduce the risk of contamination. This has made a real difference, and we are all very grateful for the support and kindness that we are receiving from the local community and general public. Thank you.


Jenny Salmon

Research Nurse

Research Support Team (RST), Nottinghamshire Hub

CRN East Midlands