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International Clinical Trials Day sees impact of research celebrated across the East Midlands

International Clinical Trials Day sees impact of research celebrated across the East Midlands

NHS organisations, charities and patient groups across the East Midlands will be taking part in celebrations for International Clinical Trials Day on Monday 20 May 2019.

The day, which marks the beginning of the first clinical trial by James Lind in 1747, will shine a spotlight on the National Institute for Health Research’s (NIHR) Be Part of Research campaign, which aims to encourage more people to take part in research.

Last year (2017/18), 56,177 people across the East Midlands took part in research, inspired by their commitment to helping develop new and better treatments. The Be Part of Research campaign aims to raise the profile of research so that more people are able to take part, by better connecting them to research opportunities based on their health needs and location.

Activity across the region will focus on the impact that research makes to patients and health care, not least through sharing stories and giving a platform to those whose lives have been touched by research, such as David Batchelor.

David, from Leicester, began taking part in research studies following an industrial accident which meant that he was no longer able to work. Since then, he has been involved in clinical trials looking to find treatment for patients with conditions including heart disease, COPD, and kidney disease.

David says: “Research is crucial to helping us find new and improved treatments and outcomes for patients. It’s how we can learn more about conditions and some of the public health challenges we face in order to help those affected by them. Research studies offer a great way to understand what we can do to improve our own health and how to treat it.

“But research is about much more than that. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some inspiring patients and staff, learning about their own research journeys and what motivates them. The common theme is that we all want to do what we can to make a difference for future generations.

“One of the best ways that we can do that is by taking part in research. Even if it is just filling in a survey while waiting for your doctor or hospital appointments, by being part of research you will be ensuring your children and grandchildren’s long and healthy futures.”

Recently, David has become a Patient Research Ambassador, providing advice to researchers based on his own experience, and encouraging other members of the public to take part.

David’s role sees him working closely with the Clinical Research Network (CRN) East Midlands, part of the NIHR, which supports the delivery of health research across the region.

Professor David Rowbotham, Clinical Director at CRN East Midlands, said:

“International Clinical Trials Day is an opportunity to focus on the invaluable contribution that research makes to our health. The treatments and medicines that we rely on today have been developed by pioneering research that enables us to deliver better outcomes for patients.

“Thousands of people in the East Midlands take part in research each year. We are grateful to each and every one of them and this is an opportunity to celebrate their enormous impact and encourage even more people to be part of research.”