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Greater Manchester Research Champions co-design with global US tech company

Greater Manchester Research Champions co-design with global US tech company

Healthcare technology and services company Flatiron partners with hospitals and oncology clinics to create “real-world” datasets (i.e. data that reflects how cancer patients are treated outside of clinical trials, in clinics and hospitals around the world).

These anonymised datasets are used by cancer researchers both in industry and at universities, to improve how cancer patients are treated. 

Flatiron wanted input from people affected by cancer as well as their carers to ensure that the information they are developing is clear, easy to understand, and answers pressing questions. They also wanted feedback and ideas around how patients with cancer might like to be included or updated on Flatiron’s work in the UK. 

Several of CRN Greater Manchester's Research Champions took part in a virtual workshop on 7 May 2020. The Flatiron team shared draft content which they wanted the champions' perspectives on, including a patient-facing leaflet, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the website, a video and patient information document.

The Champions commented on these and discussed what areas could be improved and suggested how with a brainstorming session. 

Lauren Brown, Flatiron UK Lead, said: “The workshop was a great success - lively and interesting, a fantastically valuable discussion. Thank you to the champions for all the fantastic learnings from the workshop. The feedback we got was invaluable and will be used to inform our patient-facing work moving forward."

CRN Greater Manchester is  looking at further engagement opportunities where the Champions can collaborate with Flatiron to support and guide their work.