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Greater Manchester hospital implements recommendations from research patient survey

Based on feedback from the Participants in Research Experience Survey (PRES) The Christie NHS Foundation Trust has introduced changes to improve the research experience of patients affected by cancer who come through the doors at the hospital. 

Every year, the NIHR asks thousands of people who volunteered for health research to feedback on their experience so we can make improvements. 

The Christie's Clinical Research Nurse, Anthony Murphy, says the main comments from participants at the hospital were positive, but results from the PRES highlighted some ways in which improvements have and will be made

One of the main themes from the comments related to how the information provided beforehand in the patient information sheets could be more specific. 

Anthony says: “A lot of the patients we see here are anxious and apprehensive anyway, so whatever we can do to make them feel less so is important. Some comments from the PRES highlighted that the patients were not given enough specific information and that information wasn’t easy to access, so we now have iPads in our clinics and a member of staff will ask if the patient wants help searching for more specific information.” 

The patients are ‘signposted’ correctly to information on the website by a member of staff who will sit with them and go through it, asking if they have any questions at all.

“Since the pandemic, a lot of our patients have been coming to clinic on their own because they are not recommended to bring a family member or friend for support,” says Anthony. “So what is a daunting and frightening situation for many of our patients, is made more so because they are alone.”

Anthony says that they decided to always make a member of staff available to ‘escort’ the patient through the hospital so they don’t get lost, but also so they are not alone. This member of staff acts to reassure the patient as well answering any questions they may have. 

Anthony also says the PRES highlighted the need for more adequate parking for patients. The hospital is based in a largely residential area so a lot of people park on the street and sometimes it can be quite far away from the hospital. This feedback has had an impact and contributed towards plans to build an extra multistorey car park to accommodate all the visitors to the site. 

Anthony says: “The PRES plays a very important part in indicating where we can improve our service to our patients. It's crucial and helps us to continually improve the experience of our patients.”