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CRN Wessex appoints new Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Kelly Adams, new deputy chief operating officer is pictured alongside branded image

Kelly Adams, Workforce Development Lead at CRN Wessex, has been appointed as Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Network. Kelly has also been seconded to a new national role as Head of Research Workforce Development at the Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre (CRNCC) for six months. Kelly will be dividing her time between both roles, working in her national role 2.5 days a week.

In her new post at the CRNCC, Kelly will be working with the workforce learning and organisational development team to provide strategic and operational leadership, and development and oversight of the national workforce programmes of work.
Kelly has built long lasting relationships with regional stakeholders during her time at CRN Wessex and has made significant changes to the workforce picture in the region.

Kelly was awarded for her outstanding contribution to COVID-19 research for her work in recruiting staff to the vaccine workforce. Since being commended in May 2021, Kelly has continued her efforts to support the recruitment of staff into roles across Wessex despite the current pandemic situation.

Of her appointments, Kelly said: "I'm excited to be stepping into the role of Deputy COO and to be joining the CRNCC as Head of Research Workforce Development. We are lucky to have a fantastic team at CRN Wessex and I am grateful that I am going to be helping to support them.

“I am proud of how we have all worked together across the Wessex region to support our amazing research delivery teams and create capacity in the most challenging of times.I am looking forward to working to communicate the importance of research careers even more widely in my role at the CRNCC.”

Clare Rook, CRN Wessex’s Chief Operating Officer, added: “I am delighted to have Kelly working with me to manage the work we do at CRN Wessex. I am also pleased for Kelly to have been given the opportunity as Head of Research Workforce Development.
“Kelly’s knowledge, leadership and dedication place her in an excellent position to develop and lead the national workforce strategy and CRN Wessex. We look forward to working with her in her new role.”