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CRN Greater Manchester shares local plan for 2022/23 and beyond

Clinical Research Network Greater Manchester has shared its local plan for the coming year and beyond. 

The brochure has been published on 20 May 2022 to coincide with International Clinical Trials Day. The document introduces each of CRN Greater Manchester's internal departments which are available to  support researchers and research teams across Greater Manchester, East Cheshire and East Lancashire. 

It also outlines a number of key activities which the organisation plans to carry out over the next 12 months and beyond. 

All partners across the local research community are encouraged to get in touch if there is anything in the plan which they would like to know more about, collaborate on, or get involved in. 

The best way to do this is by contacting CRN Greater Manchester by email on or by contacting the named individuals or inboxes outlined in the brochure. 

Sarah Fallon, CRN Greater Manchester Chief Operating Officer, said: "We are delighted to share with you details of our NIHR CRN Greater Manchester plan for the next year and beyond. We have listed some of the key activities we intend to carry out over this period, which promises to be a particularly important time for the research community as we implement the national Research Reset programme and continue to revitalise our portfolio of studies following the pandemic.  

"This local plan addresses the needs of our region but has also been aligned with the Department of Health and Social Care’s vision for the Future of UK Clinical Research Delivery. We share this ambition to create a patient-centred, pro-innovation and data-enabled clinical research environment. By doing so, we want to empower everyone working across the health and care services to deliver research and enable everyone to take part in research that is relevant to them.

"The NIHR is responsible for a range of nationally important programmes which are central to what we are trying to achieve at CRN Greater Manchester. These include priorities for research into multiple long-term conditions and working collectively with our under-served communities, which was the theme for NIHR CRN’s Strategic Leadership Summit

"Other key national initiatives include ‘Find, Recruit, Follow-Up’, a service designed to enable health information to identify sites with suitable people and  offer participation opportunities. We are also firmly committed to expanding research activity in Primary and Community Care settings.   

"As of April 2022, the NIHR changed its name to the National Institute for Health and Care Research. This commitment to social care research is a key part of our local strategy in Greater Manchester, East Cheshire and East Lancashire.

"If there is anything in this plan you would like to get involved in, or discuss with us in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We promote a One CRN Greater Manchester approach and are keen to explore  more ways to work together.

"We believe there are lots of exciting opportunities ahead for us to improve our region’s health and wellbeing through research, and we thank you for your continued support."

Read our planning brochure online