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CRN East Midlands and Centre for Ethnic Health Research launch new training module

CRN East Midlands and Centre for Ethnic Health Research launch new training module

CRN East Midlands and the Centre for Ethnic Health Research are proud to launch a new training module designed to improve and increase inclusivity within research.  

This training has been developed to provide staff working to deliver research with the necessary understanding of why diversity in research is important, and the skills and information needed to support people from all backgrounds to take part.

It draws upon previous activity carried out within the East Midlands to promote inclusiveness within research, and is part of a broader collaboration to provide people from all communities with the information, confidence and support needed to encourage them to take part in research trials.

This module is particularly important at a time when research into COVID-19 is conducted, given that evidence shows that people from BAME communities are more likely to be severely affected by the disease.

Dr Azhar Farooqi said:

"BAME groups are more likely to suffer from poorer health outcomes and health and social care inequalities in general. However, they are much less likely to be represented in health and social care research studies. This makes obtaining good quality research information from, and with, these groups even more important.

"This resource and accompanying Toolkit aims to capture  best practice and provide researchers with a framework on how to improve the participation of BAME groups in research. 

The suggestions, strategies, and tips in this document will help researchers avoid some of the pitfalls in this difficult area. These include avoiding oversimplification of the issue of ethnicity, e.g. by recognising heterogeneity in BAME groups, and the impact of other factors such as gender, educational status, and religion."

The training module - Increasing Participation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Groups in Health and Social Care Research - is available on NIHR Learn.