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Clinical Research Practitioners in the East Midlands urged to join CRP Directory

Clinical Research Practitioners in the East Midlands urged to join CRP Directory

Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) in the East Midlands are being urged to sign up to the CRP Directory.

The Directory was created to support the CRP community, underpinned by a quality assurance framework which enables the recognition of the skills of CRPs. The CRP Standards of Proficiency align with standards published for nurses, midwives and nursing associates, Allied Health Professionals, and healthcare science practitioners, recognising the personal and professional skills that practitioners bring to the role of CRP.

There are currently 115 CRPs in the East Midlands, and they are an essential part of a flexible workforce. In our region, CRPs work to support a wide range of different studies, involved in research delivery at all types of partner organisation, and constantly using their insights and experiences to help inform future research.

CRPs in the East Midlands speak positively about accreditation for the role, noting that it provides a professional identity and recognition for their hard work, and that it helps to offer a career development pathway with key milestones along the way.

During the past year, CRPs have played a vital role in delivering urgent research into COVID-19. This has included involvement in high-profile studies including the RECOVERY trial, which has identified drugs that can help people severely affected by the virus, and research to find vaccines to help reduce the impact and spread of the disease.

Stephanie Kings-Jones, Learning and Development Officer at CRN East Midlands said:

“We are proud of the role that Clinical Research Practitioners play in our region, and want to support more people to become part of this growing community. Joining the CRP Directory can help you gain accreditation, highlight your skills and support the development of your career. If you are working as a CRP, we would encourage you to add your name to the Directory.