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Clinical Research Network; North West Coast helping Care Homes manage their COVID response through research

Clinical Research Network; North West Coast helping Care Homes manage their COVID response through research

This week, Jill Simpson, Research Operations Manager at the Clinical Research Network, North West Coast tells us about the importance of giving residents in Care Homes the opportunity to take part in research.

"I lead on an initiative called Enabling Research in Care Homes (ENRICH), which aims to inform & support Care Home staff about research & how they can contribute to research, please see attached some further information on ENRICH and the website –"

“The current global pandemic, COVID-19 has brought about many challenges particularly in Care Homes. It has also highlighted the need to do more research within the Care Home organisations that provide care for a vulnerable group of people within our community & also to include the staff within these organisations. We also believe taking part in research helps to raise the voice and improve the quality of care for people in residential care. The best interests of Care Home residents are at the centre of all research in this sector.”

If you decide to sign up to the ENRICH initiative, we may contact you about various items such as gaining feedback on a proposed research study, sending you some information about an event, sending you a newsletter, or offer your staff or your residents the opportunity to take part in a study. Signing up to ENRICH does not mean that you would be obligated to take part in any research, we just want to be able to reach the right people who can make a decision whether or not they would be interested in participating or contributing.

A recent of example of a Care Home study is the Vivaldi Study- a large scale survey looking at COVID-19 infections in Care Homes- see link for details:

If you would like to find out more about the research opportunities that are available for Care Homes or sign up to ENRICH please contact a member of the team

Jill Simpson has been working within clinical research since 2000 in various roles within both NHS Trusts and then the NIHR Clinical Research Networks.