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Clare Meachin leaves CRN South London

Clare Meachin leaves CRN South London

Clare Meachin, who was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for CRN South London, has bid a fond farewell to the network.

Clare left the organisation last month and is now Divisional Nurse Director at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

The former Deputy Chief Operating Officer, who worked for CRN South London for four years, said she will continue to be a passionate advocate for clinical research in her new role. Clare said:

“There is a degree of sadness about me having left the network. Working for CRN South London gave me far more than I took away and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the opportunities given to me during my time working in the network.

“My message to staff is: please keep doing what you are doing, because you all do the most amazing jobs in delivering high class, effective research and care for our patients. Thank you to you all, and especially to our Chief Operating Officer Dr James Lyddiard and the senior leadership team for their support.

“I miss everyone. The work ethos at CRN South London is fantastic and I absolutely loved working for the network. I left on a high and am now looking forward to working to engender a strong research culture within my new NHS Trust to ensure patients locally receive the best possible care based on the latest research evidence. In my 39-year career, I have never lost my passion for delivering quality care for patients.”

Clare qualified as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1984, and she worked on WG Grace Ward, which is named after amateur cricketer William Gilbert Grace, for six months before moving to Plymouth.

In the late 1980s, Clare returned to London to work at University College Hospital as a Ward Sister before choosing to work overseas at a Leprosy Hospital and a Motherless Babies Home in Nigeria.

Her research journey began in 2000 as a diabetes research nurse, and in 2015 she worked part-time as CRN South London’s Research Delivery Manager for Division 4, before rising to become Deputy Chief Operating Officer in 2016.

More recently, Clare was on secondment for six months at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre (CRN CC) as Associate Director of Nursing and Programme Director for 70@70. Her role involved overseeing the organisation’s research nursing strategy and developing the leadership skills of nurses and midwives through the 70@70 Programme. She continued:

“I loved working as Associate Director of Nursing for the NIHR in England. The role gave me an incredible opportunity to encourage nurses and midwives around the world to get involved in research. The NIHR has a workforce of approximately 10,000 research nurses and midwives and it was a great honour to support 70 of them through the 70@70 programme.”

Dr Lyddiard said: “I’d like to thank Clare for everything she has done and achieved during her tenure at CRN South London.

“We all miss working with Clare, but we wish her every success in her exciting new role as Divisional Nurse Director at Portsmouth Hospital.

“Thank you Clare!”