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Celebrating Clinical Research Practitioners (CRP's) - marking one year of the accredited register

The Clinical Research Network : North West Coast (CRN:NWC) are excited to promote the virtual upcoming event 'Celebrating Clinical Research Practitioners (CRP's) - marking one year of the accredited register' taking place on Monday 14th March, 1.30 - 4 pm. Registration is now open for our virtual CRP event on the afternoon of the 14th March to celebrate the work of CRP's and mark one year of the CRP accredited register. 

This event will be a great opportunity for CRP's, their managers and anyone interested in the CRP accredited register to join us to hear about 

  • Progress on the CRP accredited register

  • The importance of CRP's for future research in the UK

  • The role of CRP's in the research delivery team and their contribution during COVID-19

  • The benefits of registration for the individual

  • What’s next for the NIHR CRP programme

We will also include practical tips from CRP's and their managers on the application process and an interactive Q&A session.  

Emma Richardson, Clinical Research Practitioner, CRN:NWC spoke to us about her role and what it involves; "Clinical Research Practitioners (CRP’s) have had the relevant training and have established key skills in order for them to be compliant within their roles in supporting and delivering high quality research and patient care. Working amongst doctors, nurses and other research and health care staff, they work within a multidisciplinary team. CRP’s are a diverse group of Practitioners who are adaptable and able to support a portfolio of research studies/clinical trials within varying disciplines. CRP’s have been established through different pathways including different previous education backgrounds, qualifications and experiences; this creates Practitioners with varying skill sets. They are trained to be competent in their role with the support of research courses such as Good Clinical Practice and Research Practitioner Essentials. Working on placement within the Infectious Diseases Team at Royal Liverpool Hospital, I have further developed my skills and experiences through my involvement in clinical trials in conditions including Pneumonia and COVID-19. As a CRP, I am trained and competent to undertake venepuncture cannulation, record ECG’s and basic observations. My other research duties include screening patients, approaching eligible patients, examining medical records for data collection/input and taking biological samples for laboratory analysis such as urine and saliva. I am able to use different platforms and software’s essential in research to effectively undertake my duty. In my placement, I have also randomised a patient (HEAL-COVID) and have completed self-report questionnaires with patients (SCAPA). Additionally, I have supported COVID-19 studies ISARIC and PEACH in data collection and have gained insight into other studies such as RECOVERY (COVID-19) and PRONTO (Sepsis)."

We also spoke to Sue Rigby, Research Matron, CRN:NWC about the importance of the CRP role within research, "As the demand for good experienced research staff is ever increasing and the nursing workforce gets smaller it is sensible to recognise the essential support Clinical Research Practitioners give the research workforce. These highly trained individuals are allowing more research studies to be delivered in the changing landscape of the clinical research arena. They have the expertise, skills and knowledge to allow them to work on many different types of research studies when previously, it had been thought only a nurse would do. Supporting this vital workforce to become a registered profession will ensure that the skill mix in research continues to grow. This enables the innovative research methods of today to deliver the research studies that will change the care of tomorrow."

The final agenda and speakers are still being finalised but will include representatives from NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre, the Academy for Healthcare Science, the Department of Health and Social Care, CRP's and Senior Leaders in Research. 

This is a free national event and will be of interest to you if you are:

  • a CRP, either registered or working towards professional registration

  • a manager or colleague supporting CRP's to become professionally registered 

  • interested to know more about CRP accredited registration and to engage in the future

We hope to welcome a large audience and look forward to your participation in this exciting event.  

You can register for the event with the link above. Please contact Maya Leach ( or Carolyn Duff ( if you have any questions.