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Annie to study experiences of transgender and gender-diverse people

Annie to study experiences of transgender and gender-diverse people

Research nurse Annie Rose is to begin a doctorate in the healthcare experience of transgender and gender-diverse people.

The Milton Keynes Hospital nurse will complete a five-year, part-time Professional Doctorate in Public Health at the University of Hertfordshire.

Her studies - funded by Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - will also examine the experiences of patients’ significant others and staff.

She said: “My plan is to use semi-structured interviews and to develop a narrative from them to elicit commonalities and differences between experiences, to be incorporated into practice education to help ensure staff, relatives and patients have the best experience of their hospital stay.”

Annie said her studies were inspired by her experience in the LCRN’s year-long Research Fellow Scheme, which provides funding to allow staff to support or develop recruitment into studies

She said: “This award funded study leave that enabled me to better understand the research process from inception, through delivery, analysis and results dissemination.

“I used this as a framework to investigate how we care for our transgender and gender diverse patients across Milton Keynes, as this has been an area of particular interest to me throughout my work as a sexual health specialist nurse.

“I am excited about the opportunity to continue my studies and to work towards making a positive difference to the hospital experience of transgender and gender diverse patients, their families and hospital staff.”