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A unique way of PRES-enting participant feedback

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Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has found a unique way of communicating their PRES results - turning them into artwork!

The Participant Research Experience Survey (PRES), administered by the NIHR CRN together with Partner Organisations, captures the views and experiences of research participants.

Aparajita Pandey, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s lead Clinical Research Coordinator for mental health research, took a number of quotes from participants, about why they took part in research, and made them into a collage, which was then printed on canvas.

The collage, which now hangs on the wall at the Sussex Education Centre, contains quotes such as ‘[I] gained better understanding of my mental health and wellbeing’, and ‘[I] felt listened to and valued’.

"PRES feedback reflects the value of research in people's care and their lives in general,” said Aparajita. “I designed this poster to share the wonderful feedback from our participants about their research journey, and also to motivate others in the community to engage with our research activities. I wanted to present it in a way that's eye-catching and uses direct quotes from the PRES so that it's real, authentic and relatable."

CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead Madeline Bell said: “This is a unique and fun way to communicate some great feedback, and is a great example of a research team using PRES to engage with patients and future research participants.”