Health and Care Professionals

Embedding research 

Many health and care professionals say that they find being involved in research positive and rewarding. Embedding a positive research culture in your organisation is important, because evidence shows that research active hospitals have better outcomes for their patients. 

Health and care professionals can undertake a range of roles in research and have a pivotal role in promoting participation in research to patients and the public. Feedback from research participants shows that they value the opportunity to take part in research as part of their care. 

Every year, we celebrate the vital role of health and care professionals in research delivery at our CRN Wessex Awards event. 

Building your path in research

Across Wessex, we offer a variety of opportunities for health and care professionals to get involved in research. These include:

  • Designing and leading a research study

  • Being a co-applicant or principal investigator of a study

  • Suggesting a research topic

  • Advising sponsors or sites about the feasibility of their research

  • Supporting study delivery and recruitment

  • Keeping up to date with the latest evidence

  • Encouraging patients or service users to get involved in research

Whether you’re looking to take your first or next step in research, you can find out more about how you can engage with research by taking a look at our Your Path in Research campaign. 

Developing your skills 

Our bespoke resources and learning tools have been developed to support health and care professionals and the research delivery workforce. Visit our training page to discover our local offer.

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