Greater Manchester COVID-19 Research Workforce Hub


Help us find safe and effective vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for COVID-19

Finding safe and effective vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for COVID-19 is of high priority to the UK and part of the global response to the coronavirus. This will help to protect us all more quickly, which in turn could help the NHS and save lives.

COVID-19 vaccine trials are already being delivered across Greater Manchester, with more studies planned for Winter and Spring 2021. COVID-19 treatment and diagnostic research began last Spring and continues today. These studies/trials will last for the next 12-15 months.

In terms of vaccine research, several promising vaccines have been identified and are currently being tested for safety and effectiveness, but only large-scale trials can give researchers the information needed about how effective they are.

Paid and flexible opportunities for healthcare staff 

Support from healthcare staff across Greater Manchester is being sought to deliver COVID-19 research studies. Doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, administrators, pharmacy and laboratory staff are needed, as well as a range of other supporting roles. 

There are also volunteering opportunities available, both for members of the public and healthcare students.
You do not have to be experienced in research to get involved. Full training and support will be provided to enable you to contribute safely and effectively.

Find out more about the type of roles available and visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information. 

How can I get involved?

Your support in delivering COVID-19 research studies would be invaluable. Could you commit to offer some time to help? We'd love to hear from anyone who has time they can commit and are inviting expressions of interest using our online form

The form will be reviewed by hospital Research Shift Co-ordinators within the borough(s) you have chosen. They will respond directly (within five working days) to either request a further conversation with you, or to inform you that they have shift cover for the present. You are welcome to then apply in different boroughs, or to reapply to the same borough at a later date.

For all queries, please contact 

Accessing the NIHR National Vaccine Training Package 

If you are an NHS-employed healthcare professional and wish to plan ahead, the NIHR's National Vaccine Training Package is held on NIHR Learn. To access this and register, please take a look at our guide, Get started with NIHR Learn.

You will need to register for an account using your NHS or academic email address and then access the training suite by selecting 'COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Training' from the banner menu at the top of the landing page.

For each job role, there is a curated series of essential, desirable and optional training. For some users, it is clear which training path to take. Others - please wait until you have a conversation with a Research Shift Co-ordinator.