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Working in a split research/clinical role MPFT



By Kelly Cooke – Rheumatology Nurse/ Research Nurse, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

I have worked as a Research Nurse at MPFT for eight years and in rheumatology previous to that. In June last year I opted to take on a split role which involves three days in
Rheumatology research and two days in Rheumatology clinical practice with a special interest in Connective Tissues Disease.

My skills and knowledge are transferable across both elements of the role; this underpins the effective delivery of research and clinical practice. The split role works well from a care
delivery perspective; patients that I see clinically can be informed about current clinical trial opportunities and similarly trial patients can benefit from my experience and knowledge
about their condition. There are challenges that come with working in split role, such as time and workload management, it is important that both parts are managed separately
with clear direction and role definition. ‘Wearing two hats’ in one place can be complex but with motivation, passion and balance can create a wealth of opportunity. One role can
inspire and complement the other, acquiring a new skill set and extending my professional network are key benefits of the role.