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Video transcript: Why I'm taking part in a COVID-19 vaccine trial (1)


Sarah, 43, Ashton-under-Lyne, said: 

I have a young family and obviously the current situation has really changed the way that we live, massively, so I am really keen to do anything that will help everyone out of this situation.

Andrew, 72, Stockport: 

With something like COVID-19, you can feel so hopeless and that there’s nothing much you can do about it, so I felt that committing to the research was just a small act that I could make.

Pat, 57, Leek, said: 

Two things, really. I think a vaccine is going to be quite crucial in letting us get back to some kind of normal life, the lives that we’ve got used to. Also, I work in the events industry and we haven’t been able to work since March and I think a vaccine is going to be quite critical for the future of large events and gatherings.

Stephen, 39, Edgeley, said: 

I’ve got a few friends and family who are too scared to go out and do anything. My sister has rarely left the house since the beginning of all this. So I thought the sooner we can get stuff back to some variation of normal, the better.