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Video transcript: Participant experiences at the national Patient Recruitment Centres (PRCs)


[A participant's perspective - National Patient Recruitment Centres (PRC)]

[Depesh, COVID-19 vaccine trial participant PRC: Leicester].

I found out about the COVID-19 vaccine trial at the PRC in Leicester basically twofold – so I knew people that also worked at the PRC, but I also knew it was being advertised on the radio and I think there was a, there's a big marketing plan to get people involved within Leicester to be a part of the vaccine trial, which is probably the the lure that got me involved in it.

[Suzanne, Mandala trial participant, PRC: Newcastle]

I found out about the Mandala study from the Newcastle Hospital's website. I've seen that they were asking for volunteers to take part in the trials.

[Paul, COVID-19 vaccine trial participant, PRC: Blackpool]

So I first heard about the  vaccination trials at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and I think initially via social media - I think there was a link on with the local Blackpool Evening Gazette, and then I saw it on a few other social media outlets as well and- after then - I sort of had a brief discussion with my daughter whether I should do it or not and then, yeah, I just basically rang the number and the process went from there.

[Carly, RELIEVE IBS-D trial participant, PRC: Newcastle].

I first found out about the IBS-D RELIEVE study from actually going to my local hospital, and  I was going there for a physio appointment for something else - I had to use the toilet and saw the poster on the back of the door- which is very ironic.
[Immanuel, COVID-19 vaccination participant, PRC: Bradford]. But for me I guess one of the  big things that I've really appreciated was the information that's been provided - so a lot of written information about the trial, quite a bit about the science behind the trial, that's something that interests me – I come from a science background so that that's been particularly gratifying, but also,  lastly, we had an opportunity to ask questions of one of the trial  leads here - that's Professor Saralaya - and he spent a good half hour fielding questions which I found great - so yes that  was very positive, and in fact my whole experience so far has  been it's been really good.

Yeah, so my experience at the PRC: Leicester was actually really friendly. I knew I  was probably one of the first candidates in the first week of  actually getting the vaccine, but the staff were really working really hard to make sure that everyone felt really comfortable, and I think the  friendly and approachable staff made it really comfortable, and  that was probably also really helpful for being part of something really new to us all within our community.

I would describe my experience of PRC: Newcastle, and the study that I'm on, as really positive  - it's effectively, the study has changed my life, and how I consider IBS-D, and the medication has been pretty much life-changing for me. The fact that it's virtual has really been beneficial for me because I lived so far away from Newcastle there was probably no chance of me going backwards  and forwards and being able to fit that in with my busy  schedule. The team have been fantastic - Hazel has been great. I get regular phone calls, I get diary updates every evening  through text messages - so a reminder comes through at a certain time to remind me to fill out my diary which is really, really useful.

One almost felt as though you were almost a minor, minor royalty, but everyone was friendly everyone was supportive you. Yes - you were treated as though you weren't a saint, but you know that you were nevertheless doing something that was used useful for society as a whole, which would be helpful to the NHS, and which could probably be helpful in facing down this horrible virus and defeating it eventually. I can't sing my praises highly enough for the staff, they did an absolutely brilliant, brilliant job, and thorough, and knowledgeable - every single one of them and I’ve already, I've already suggested that I'd even, I'd be prepared to do more trials based on the experience that I've had.

I would recommend to family and friends about taking part in research at Newcastle PRC because I think it's interesting and it's important that research goes ahead for various illnesses or conditions.

I would most definitely recommend doing one of the PRC: Newcastle studies. I have already recommended it to people in my Facebook IBS groups actually, and I know that a few people have been really enthusiastic about taking part because it's something that not a lot of people - that this particular study - is something that not a lot of people really want to talk about: it's quite an embarrassing problem to have, whereas actually hearing from somebody who's taking part first-hand in the study has meant that, okay, well actually, you know, I could join this, and I could join it virtually, which is also really, really helpful.

I would always recommend to any member of my family, any of my friends, and in fact, I have recommended some of my friends.

I would definitely recommend for family members or friends to take part in any kind of trial I think - especially at the PRC in Leicester - it's been really great to be at the forefront of new developments, and I think, at the end of the day, we're all in this together - I think that's what we've all felt throughout this whole pandemic, and the more that we can do together for better research or science it's going to help us all in the future - whether it's COVID or something else.

[National Patient Recruitment Centres.]