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Video transcript: News report on launch of Greater Manchester Dementia Research Centre


News reporter: Dale Kay was diagnosed with dementia around two years ago after she slowly became more confused and forgetful. Her husband Roger looks after her and says he just has to take each day at a time.

Roger: You do learn to live not entirely in the moment, day by day, but you take it as it comes and it isn’t like a physical disease. You just can’t predict how quickly or how slowly it will progress and in what way.

News reporter: For Dale, like thousands of others, there is no cure for her, only the chance that the latest drugs may slow the effects of the disease. Today though, three NHS groups in Manchester came together to launch the Greater Manchester Dementia Research Centre. The idea to pool their resources and research to try and find a cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Professor Iracema Leroi: Dementia is a growing problem as it is in all societies which are aging and it’s extremely important we try to find the best treatments for people who are living with this condition. The other aspect is finding the best ways to prevent dementia and the onset of dementia in the first place and the centre is dedicated to trying to find those solutions.

News reporter: The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, was on hand to lend his support.

Andy Burnham: We want the best possible service for people living with dementia and that means we need to draw on the best possible research and that’s why it’s exciting that this dementia research centre has been launched her in Greater Manchester today.

News reporter: And for Dale and Roger Kay and everybody else living with dementia, the new centre in Manchester offers some hope that a cure may, one day, be found.