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Video transcript - Jessica and Chris' story



Jessica and Chris’ story

Jessica was unable to conceive for three years. Here, she speaks of her delight at being given the opportunity to take part in a clinical research study which led to the arrival of her second child.

She and husband Chris were introduced to the study by a consultant at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. They had an excellent experience and recommend all patients – regardless of the condition – to inquire about research studies they could potentially take part in.

Jessica says:

After having our first child we struggled to conceive our second child. After three years of trying, we got introduced to a consultant that asked us if he wanted to take part in a study called the PIP study. 

After reading into it, we decided to give it a go as a couple and we went through with it. After three months, we found out that we were pregnant; we got a positive pregnancy test which was very exciting for us all as a family.

After a successful pregnancy we now have Joshua and it's the best present that we could have ever got from taking part in research. But we also have the knowledge that we could help people in the future as well by taking part in this research study.

We would definitely recommend anybody, whatever the condition, to inquire about what studies you could possibly take part in. Maybe ask your GP or at the local hospital.